Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Growing

This little baby jacket shouldn't take this long. It's very straight foward and a really clever design. I just haven't been working on much of anything lately. I did take it to meet Shawn yesterday and got quite a few rows done on it while I was waiting for Shawn (traffic was awful all over the Atlanta area yesterday... wrecks, stalls, a semi full of plastic caught on fire and the hazmat people had to come...). I hope to finish it sometime next week.

Work has gotten better and I'm now pretty much in the groove of it, other than the hours and getting my sleep figured out. It's hard to adjust to an open schedule with your shifts changing constantly, but I'm getting there. Today was my first payday, so that helped :-)

I started a new project last night and I have to finish it by Sunday... Not sure I'm going to make it! If I was off, then yes, but I have to work tomorrow and Sunday mornings, so we'll see. My dad has requested a simple felted rectangular bag that can hang from the back of his scooter (he's disabled and has a chair thing) to hold his stuff. A really easy and quick knit, but there's no time! I will be devoting all of tomorrow evening on it. If I can't finish it for Fathers' Day, he'll just have to get it Monday or Tuesday. I'm using Fisherman's Wool in a navy blue color.

Oh, did I mention that I'm getting bunnies next month?! Finally, I'll have rabbits back in my life. I was really into breeding and showing before college and tried to keep it up during, but wasn't really able to so got out. I have been rabbitless since fall and can't wait to have the little hoppers back in my life. Of course, I'm getting angoras. I used to show French Angoras and loved them. Someone in my spinning guild has a small herd of various angora breeds and I'm getting 5 bunnies from her (2 bucks, 3 does). They are 100% angora, but aren't purebred. Some are Satin and English crosses, some are mostly French with a little English, etc. I don't care since these will be pets, woolers, and will be bred to produce more of the same. I won't focus on a show herd until I'm married and have a place of my own.


lunaticraft said...

Can't wait to see the baby jacket finished! And good luck with the father's day gift!

Anita O said...

Yeah, isn't it funny how life gets in the way with kniitng? LOL. I hope you get the bag done in time. If not, I hope your dad understands!