Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No Pics Post

I'm off tomorrow and Thursday! Tomorrow is my day to sleep a little, get some good fiber time in, go for a walk, trim horse hooves and maybe go for a ride, and just do whatever I want. Thursday will have me up bright and early to go Marietta to meet up with Shawn so I can spend some time with him before I have to go to Gainesville to get my allergy shots and he has to go to work (they are doing night flights, so he goes in 2pm to 11pm or so).

The job isn't so bad. The hours are what kill. Today was my horrible day since my work schedule only gave me 4 hours to sleep and I worked 9.5 hours today. I'm soooo glad it's over with and next week's schedule is much more reasonable. I'm getting into the groove of it now. There is talk that I'll be moved to my actual store soon, so we'll see what happens there. (I'm in my training store right now. I could stay there or I could be moved. I really hope they don't move me before the first week of July since I'm scheduled for vacation then! And, really, I've been working for only 1 week. Not much training, I think.)

In other news, I've been dieting and working out for a full week now and I've lost 7 pounds! I really need to lose another 15 or so, but it's a great start. I have always struggled with my weight and have to go to "drastic" measures to lose it/keep it off. Each summer I work really hard and lose about 20 pounds only to gain it back when I go back to school. I blame it on the environment (chow hall = socializing), but really it's all on me. I've decided now that I'm home and have a schedule that's mostly work, I have NO excuse. I'm not happy with how I look and I am going to make a lifelong, permanent change.

In the past, the only thing that has really worked for me to lose weight is to do pretty extreme diet/exercise. I mean, limiting myself to between 500 and 700 calories a day, a 3 mile jog, and 1 hour of DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) everyday. That's the only thing that really worked. It's rather extreme and very difficult to keep up for the longterm. This time around, I am doing a few things differently and it's actually working.

*I do not eat after 6pm if I can help it, but definitely never past 7pm.
*I eat one normal meal per day and then have 2 smaller snack-like meals. The normal meal (preferably lunch, but it depends on my work schedule) is whatever I want, but I am never stuffing myself. I just eat until I feel full enough (not hungry anymore) and then I stop. My stomach has shrunk and I'm now fuller faster.
*The other meals are usually a healthy fruit. Or some other low-calorie, healthy alternative. Carrot sticks (no dip!), dressing-less salad, Newton's Fruit Crisps, etc. I do indulge in chocolate or something sometimes, within reason, since deprivation only leads to frustration and, ultimately, overindulgence and failure.
*I'm drinking a lot of fluids. I have a Walgreens water bottle thing and I'm drinking at least 3 full ones each day, preferably 4-5. Yep, I have to pee like every 5 minutes, but it's great for cleansing and it's so important to be hydrated (something I've never been good about). I drink only water or unsweet tea (any kind).
*I try to do some physical activity each day. Work is pretty taxing with always moving around and lifting/stacking, but I try to do something extra as well. I either jog, walk, or ride my horses (at a good, bouncy, tiring trot). I'm not always able to do this each day, but I've been pretty good about it. It's surprising how sore I am after only a 15 minute ride at a trot. I swear balancing on them uses muscles I didn't even know I had.
*Sleep at least 8 hours each night. Again, not always possible, but sleep is really important for weight control and overall health.
*Weigh myself daily. My routine is wake up, use the bathroom, strip down, get on the scale. This way I'm getting my true weight and not what's just in my belly from my last meal or whatever. Loss is great, maintenance isn't bad, gain is bad. Some fluctuation up is normal, but if it's over a half pound, I need to do something different.

I know this isn't the most exciting thing to read about, but this is my little online journal and it helps me keep track of myself! I have no real time goal here, just keep losing and when I reach a weight I'm happy with (I'm reasonable and do understand my body type... I'll never be 100 lbs no matter how hard I tried) I will work on maintenance. I will be healthier, feel better, be happier, and know that I will look great on my wedding day. Also, I lust for those cute knitting patterns that only look good on the teeny tiny models!

Anyway, enough of that. I finished Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and it's amazing! I think it's definitely one of my favorite books. I loved the subject and who the bad guys were and Clancy is just a great writer. The writes so realistically, like I was being told the story by someone who was there. The perfect amount of detail, specificness, etc.

Still working on the baby jacket. Pics to come tomorrow.


Anita O said...

Ahh, the dreaded diet. You can do it, but it will be hard work. Me, I have an addiction to fast food and potato chips.
And to keep on track, you should set some mini goals. If it's to lose a pant size in a month or whatever or else how do you know how you are doing?
Sounds good.

lunaticraft said...

Good luck with the health thing! I'm working on it myself... Gotta drop 15 pounds or so to be able to fit into my summer clothes again, plus I've got 5ks coming up that I've got to train for. I wouldn't really care, if it wasn't for the fact that it's freaking hot, and I don't have the money to replace my summer wardrobe! =D It's been a pretty good motivator so far. So you're not alone on this weight loss thing!

Oh, and Tom Clancy books are awesome. I always find them slow getting started, but once they do, hold on to your hat! Haha