Monday, June 1, 2009


So, I think I have the world's most dog-like goat. I've named her Thumper (Ethel would have been a good name for her, but I already named her by the time AnitaO commented!). She follows you around everywhere, cries when she's alone, and isn't afraid to go anywhere. I had her out in the yard today and had to go inside the house for something... the above pics are what resulted when I didn't close the door!

I knit on the front porch some today and Thumper just layed down beside my chair and happily chewed away at her cud. Such a pet! We're having to keep her tied, instead of in the pasture, because she keeps jumping the 4.5 foot fence to get in the front yard.

Here's the progress on the wedding wrap. I am working on the third straight repeat and it's coming along nicely. I do see one little mistake where I didn't add a bead and probably could have (the first dropped stitch doesn't have a bead at the very top since the pattern does something a little different there). I added the bead on the second dropped stitch and think it looks good... I may go back and add a bead later, but might not. It's not really noticeable and that first section is really short, so it doesn't look funny. We'll see what happens with it (Ripping back is not an option! Even if this is for my wedding, I'm not about to go back that many rows to fix a barely-there "mistake").


lizzzknits said...

Gotta love Thumper!

I wouldn't rip back either. No one will notice, and remember, only God creates perfection!

Anita O said...

I think Thumper is appropriate. What a cute little goat.

Your shawl is coming out gorgeous! Can't wait to see it all finished.

lunaticraft said...

Oooo... Thumper. That seems so perfect! =D