Friday, July 31, 2009


We have contest winners!

The name is.......

Little Joe!

Little Joe was a character on the TV show Bonanza. He rode a Paint. My mom's dog is Josie, who we call Jo. Oh, and Little Joe was quite handsome and I think my new boy is very handsome ;-)

First place goes to anonymous poster with the sal email. Second place goes to Thistle Creek Photography! Both have been contacted.

Thanks to everyone who participated in my contest!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not Up To Much

I haven't been very productive lately and I hate that. I've only managed to finish one really quick and easy project lately, haven't been walking or running much (I did go for a very short run yesterday but it started raining and is raining again today), and haven't really been riding much. I have been working with the new horse when I can, but daily work is best and I haven't been able to do that.

I've been thinking and need an assessment on my projects and what needs to be finished when:

1) Wedding Clapotis - Needs to be finished by the end of October
2) Waves of Grain handbinding scarf - Needs to be finished by the new year
3) Shawn's Wedding Socks - Need to be finished by April 2010
4) My Garter - Needs to be finished by April 2010

Christmas 2009
1) Arthur - Alligator Scarf, Argyle Felted Pillow, Colorwork Fingerless Mitts
2) Michelle - Piccolino Coin Purse, Petal Tam
3) Moma - Not-So-Squatty Sidekick, Fetching Fingerless Gloves
4) Daddy - Ripple Lapghan (DONE)
5) Shawn - Snowflake Ornament (DONE)

What I Want
1) Tree Jacket - my handspun Romney x (gray-brown)
2) Amused - Red Heart Eco-Ways (gray)
3) Rusted Root - Brooks Farm Mas Acero (reddish)
4) Entymology - Knit Picks Shadows (reddish)
5) Short-sleeved Sweater - Miss Babs Whatta Skein (purple)
6) Socks, socks, socks
7) Colorwork fingerless mitts of some sort

I'm still working on the Pyewacket Socks, Wedding Wrap, Fly Net (almost finished!), a project bag for a swap pal, and am getting more scraps together for the Scrappy thing.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cinch Cover A Success

It works! Rowdy and I went out for a short little ride today and we both love the cinch cover (Rowdy may have liked it a little too much... for once, he lived up to his name!).

Some crafting

I have been trying to find crafting time between my crazy work schedule and all the other things I want to do. I did sneak some time in this past week and actually have something to show for it.

The orange thing is a crocheted cinch cover in Knit One Crochet Two Fleece held doubled. It slides over the cinch (or girth, depending on who you ask) of the saddle (the part that goes under the horse's belly to hold the saddle on). Rowdy has been getting some rubbing when we go on long rides and this will really help. I was going to buy one, but found a pattern and had this yarn and we all know that handmade is so much better. I didn't really need a pattern since it's just a hdc tube, but thought that I would support the designer by purchasing it.

I also bought patterns from the same person, Crochet Do Dads. The green thing is ear number one of a traditional fly net for the horses. It's like a little bonnet thing that goes over the ears and has some fringe and such over the forehead to help keep those pesky flies away. I'm using Sinfonia mercerized cotton (available at Hobby Lobby).

The other thing I've been working on are the Pyewacket Socks. I'm using Knit Picks Essentials in African Violets. The pattern is easy and quick without being boring. I really love how the puppydog prints are turning out!

I've also managed a few more repeats on the wedding wrap. It's getting very boring, but I really need to finish it up so that I can get started on other wedding knitting... my garter, Shawn's wedding socks, the handbinding scarf...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Contest!

Ok, 3 days later I've decided on a barn name for my new boy. I went back and forth so much, but the perfect name came to me and we all love it. I think it's time for a horsey name contest! Oh, and his pictures are in the next post down. Trust me, though... he's SO much more beautiful in person.

He's a 2 yo registered Paint stud. His color is Brown Tobiano. He's tall at about 14.2 hh (58 inches) at the withers (shoulder) and will probably mature to about 15.2 (62 inches). He's SUCH a show-off... a real flirt. He loves to play, prance around, just show off in general. All studs are kind of full of themselves, but this boy is really something else.

I am going to list the top 10 name possibilities for my boy. You will select the name you think I picked and leave it in the comments. Please leave a way for me to contact you if you're not on blogger... Ravelry name, email, etc. I will put all the people who chose the correct name in a hat and pick the winner that way.

Ok, so it's kind of a tough contest. How are you supposed to guess? Some hints...

The name has something to do with a physical characteristic or a personality trait of his.
It comes from a famous person, movie, show, place, or some other famous thing.
Another pet we have shares a part of or is somehow connected with this name.

Maybe these hints will help some. Here are the name options:

-Ice Man
-Little Joe

I'll pick the winner Friday, July 31. Just some time that day and you have until I post the winner to enter. Only one name pick per person.

The prize will be a 15.00 gift card to my favorite online yarn-buying place, Knit Picks. Second place will get some yarn from my stash... what, I'm not yet sure of, but it will be something nice, I promise!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ebony Cashmere

He's so much more stunning and gorgeous in person.
A good friend of mine, AJ, and I went down to Millidgeville to look at and pick up this handsome guy yesterday night. Ebony Cashmere is his registered name. He's a registered Paint stud colt, 2 years old. Beautiful conformation, coloring, wonderful personality, he really is the total package. And, I got him for a steal at 400.00!

He's going to be my project and baby. My mare, Acorn, is, well, a mare. Tempermental and moody, sweet today, a rodeo horse tomorrow. I still plan on working with her and riding her often, but I think this little man is going to be my real focus. He's a fun colt... VERY playful, much to the annoyance of Tabasco and Special Ed (he chases them for fun, but they aren't too happy about it). I will be breeding Acorn and Winchester (Acorn's mother, my dad's horse, who is paint colored) to him sometime in the future.

I haven't come up with a barn name yet. I want something perfect. It's a neat coincidence that his name is Ebony Cashmere... his mom was Western Cashmere and his dad's mother was Spindle Miss! All these fibery names... don't you love it? I would call him Cash, but I already have my dog, Johnny Cash.

He's going to be a BIG boy. His dad was 16 hands (a hand is 4 inches) and his mom was 15 hands. Height is measured to the wither (the point at the shoulder where their neck meets the back). Sooo... he's already about 14.2 hh (the .2 is 2 inches) and still has a good 3 years of growing left to do. He should be around 15.2 or so when fully grown. Rowdy and Acorn are right at 14 hh and Yankee will be around 15hh when grown.

I'm in love with this spunky colt and can't wait to be able to do some real work with him. All I really know about him is that he's been handled a lot and will lead, tie, load, stand, etc. And, he loves to play.


Remember my fluffy bunny, Gypsy? Well, she got a hair cut...

Not so fluffy anymore! Her left ear has flopped, which is common in somewhat long-eared rabbits born/young in hot summer months. They lose most of their body heat through their ears and the body adapts these summer babies by making their ears grow longer. The base can't support the weight of the ear, so it flops.

I didn't do the best job at cutting toward the end (I had to get ready for work), but I did well enough to get this:
It's only about 16.5 yards of a light worsted yarn, but I love it! My own bunnies. I should have left the wool alone until I had enough for a real project, but was too anxious to spin it.

Here's a pic of Jacob, the newest rabbit. Someone that came into the store asked if I wanted him, so I took him. He's very friendly and healthy. He's Moma's new rabbit. Spooky will be his girlfriend sometime in the next few months...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby Ribs

It's finished! I got it done last night.

Isn't Gideon the best model?

This is going in my hope chest for future kiddos. I have a bunch of stuff for my nephew in the making and I'm feeling a little selfish right now.

I did cast on for the Pyewacket socks last night. That's the pattern I got in my swap box, the one with the puppy dog feet on them. I'm using Knit Picks Essentials Kettle-dyed in African Violets (a pretty purple). I haven't used the yarn before. It's really soft and I just hope that it holds up ok.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Swap Box!

It came!

-A great letter about Colorado and how she and DH ended up there.
-A letter breaking down the goodies.
-The sweetest handmade Thank You card for being swap mama. - So sweet and much appreciated!
-A skein of gorgeous Aspen Sock yarn from Red Rocks Fiber Works (based in Co) in the colorway, Koi Pond. - I love the colors and the colorway name is so great (my mom and I are big into koi)
-4.15 ounces of oh-so-yummy merino top from Poppy Flower Fibers (Boulder, Co). - You did great picking this out! Beautiful colors and irresistably soft! I can’t wait to spin it up (it’s next in line!)
-A really cute coffee cup cozy made from a recycled sweater. - This is adorable and much needed!
-The Twice Sheared Sheep Infinity Stitch Markers with Yellow Turquoise - Such a unique and clever design! Love them!
-The Twice Sheared Sheep sheep magnets featuring Shawn the Sheep - My fiance’s name is Shawn and these are adorable… such a thoughtful and sweet surprise!
-Savory Spice Shop (a Co store) Peppermint Vanilla Bean Sugar - Looks and sounds delicious!
-Savory Spice Shop Pike’s Peak Butcher’s Rub - 14,110 ft - My hometown is in Pike County (with the city of Zebulon)… named after Zebulon Pike, the founder of Pike’s Peak! Don’t think you knew this, but a neat coincidence anyway! I’m saving this for when Shawn comes down next and we’ll have yummy burgers
-Savory Spice Shop Chai Spices
-Vail Mtn Coffee & Tea Co. (Minturn, Co) Darjeeling tea (Gopaldhara Estate) - YUM. Smells divine!
-Colorado River Rocks and Riverbed Pebbles candies - Already gotten into these and I love them! Very good and such a cute idea. The pebbles are especially authentic looking.
-The Soap Shop Colorado Breeze Massage Candle - So cute! The melted wax can be used as a massage oil. I think my allergies should be Ok with it since the ingredients are natural (I’m trying it anyway!).
-Some gorgeous postcards and pictures of Colorado - I love the sunflower pics! You have such beautiful land out there.
-A cute little fabric pouch by The Good Gift Bag - So cute! I think I’ll be using it to carry my smaller notions (like those gorgeous stitch markers you sent)
-Rocky Mountain Mints Colorado peppermint mints - I love mints and peppermint in general and the tin couldn’t be cuter!
-Wildflowers of Colorado Blue Columbine seeds - How’d you know Columbine is one of my favorite flowers ever? I didn’t know it was your state flower. These are definitely going into the garden (I had to fight my mom off them when she saw them)
-A 2010 desktop calendar of Colorado - I’m rather obsessed with calendars and scheduling, so this is perfect!
-Pocky - It’s the same as Pepero and how sweet to check out H-Mart!
-The Dyer’s Companion book - LOVE! I have only dabbled a tiny bit in dyeing and this is such a huge help and a major surprise!
-The Fey by Claudia Hall Christian
-Cinnamon Roasted Almonds (Hudson, Co) - I LOVE LOVE LOVE these candied nut things! Such a treat!
-Old Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier dog treats - So sweet! My dogs have already enjoyed half the bag!
-Roll ‘n’ Chew toy for the rats - This is sooo sweet of you! My little rodent babies probably feel left out since the dogs get a lot of stuff, so they’ll really love this.
-A Designedly, Kristi Original Pattern for Pyewacket socks… they have puppy dog feet on them!- SO COOL! My mom and I will be casting on for this soon!
-Another pattern by the same Co. designer, Spring Frills (really adorable lace cuffs) - So pretty and elegant, yet functional! I think I have the perfect yarn in mind for these

Here's Johnny Cash's appreciation photo for the treats kasey13 sent! Look at that big happy dog grin!

Flash The Stash

This is my last day of vacation and I'm just lazying around the house. I picked up my room a little and reorganized the stash. I took the opportunity to get pictures of it in its (almost) entirity. I do have 3 pounds of wool and a small laundry basket of various acrylics in the attic and I also have 5-10 skeins that are stashed in various places I forgot to get pics of until after the fact.

The top is of Charlotte, my Ashford Traditional and my love. In the top left of the pic you can see Rolly Polly, my Ashford Drum Carder. I forgot to get a pic of Beatis, my Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom and Turner, my Ashford Swift (I'm loyal to Ashford, can't you tell?).

Anyway, that's the stash on my bed. I didn't want to stack/pile, so it took 2 times of getting it all out and photographed. I have cheap acrylics, workhorse wools, handdyed, handspun, novelty (few, fortunately), and everything in between. My spinning stash is also shown, for the most part.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Swap Yarn

This is a little over 200 yards of "Grapevine," a 60 merino, 40 bamboo blend handdyed by Gale Evans of Gale's Art. She's an Atlanta dyer and puts out pretty stuff. This is going to my flat rate box swap pal.

I got this finished up, my dad's bag finished and felted, and am oh-so-close to being finished with the Baby Ribs Jacket for my nephew in the making. After that's all done, I'm working like a mad woman on my wedding Clapotis.

I do have this crazy desire to knit my wedding dress. It's doable, but I don't have the money for the yarn right now and I am really considering joining the Air Force Reserves, so can't knit during my 4 months of officer training. Yep, I really want to join the military. I would love to go active, but with Shawn in the Ga. Nat'l Guard (Army), it just isn't a possibility unless I want to be away from him. Which, I don't.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Swap Bag

I started the Flat Rate Box Swap group on Ravelry and we're about to wrap up our first swap. The idea is to take a medium flat rate box and stuff it (absolutely full... if you can hear something rattle when the box is shook, it's not full enough!). The members all vote on the theme and this first time around it was local. All the main goodies had to be locally-derived, trying to keep it within the state as much as possible. So, no Malabrigo from the lys!

My pal likes shopping bags, so I decided to make this one for her from Hempathy. It's the Super Self-Pouching String Bag with mods. So, not from Georgia, but Hempathy does have cotton in it, which is a big Georgia crop.

The other goodies in the box follow the local theme better... Georgia peach preserves, a Coca-Cola shirt, a small bottle of Coke, a book by Truett Cathy (the founder of Chic-Fil-A), handmade stitch markers with a Ga theme (a peach, UGA colors, Jackets colors, GA, and shell that signifies Ga beaches), Georgia post cards and some pics I took, and my handspun fiber that was dyed by an Atlanta fiber artist and some of my other handspun (not from Ga, but I did spin it). I also got her 2 dogs some toys (not Ga, but oh well).

Friday, July 10, 2009


If you're a reader, you know that I love animals. I have many pets and animals are such a huge part of my life. I think I'd be the most boring and miserable person without them.

I haven't shown off my mom's rabbit, Spooky. She's a Netherland Dwarf mix we picked up at the chicken sale (we got some for the neighbor girls and there were 4 in the cage, so Spooky stayed here). She's named Spooky because she's white and because she's a little spooky. We've been handling her daily and she's calmed a lot, but is still pretty frightful.

This is the newest addition, One-Eyed Jack. He was a stray the neighbors have been feeding for about a year. He got an "eye infection" (according to the neighbor), so I sent over some neo-poly-bac ointment. They said it wasn't working and wanted me to take a look. Um, not an infection. His eye wasn't recognizeable... a big membraney mass in the socket. I took him to the vet and talked about options. The neighbor didn't want to put a lot of money into him, but surgery was only about 70.00 more than euthanasia. I, having become a softy lately, offered to pay the rest if they would pay the 45.00. I made the appointment and dropped him off and the neighbors decided that it would be best if I started feeding "Gray Kitty" and keep him for myself. I really got suckered into that one.

Even so, Jack is doing well. I picked him up today and the eye enucleation went well and we also got him neutered (lost something on both ends... rough day for him!). He's staying in a rabbit cage for 10 days or so until I can take the sutures out and see how it's healing up. Then he'll be let loose again to come and go as he pleases. He'll do fine as long as he doesn't go in Partner's pen (that's our mostly Lab who is a proven killer). Jack's a country-smart cat and has already scratched a curious Black Jack on the nose, so I think he'll be able to take care of himself.

And, a new pic of the 3 stooges. We've been riding a lot lately and I swear, Acorn gets worse with each one! She's a tempermental little thing, but she's still my sweet baby girl. Left to Right: Rowdy the Quarter Horse (my mom's horse), Acorn the 1/2 Quarter Horse 1/4 Arabian 1/4 Spotted Saddle Horse (my girl), and Yankee the Morgan (Shawn's horse). No, Acorn is not pregnant, she's just a fat and sassy little mare.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shawn's New Baby

Remember when his MR-2 caught on fire and died? Well, the hunt for the next car has been on since. Shawn has to be one of the pickiest guys ever. I am the type that thinks, "Ok, I need a car. I'd love to have a really nice car, but right now I just need a car." Shawn's not like that. It has to be the *right* car. He finally found this BMW for a great price and we made the trip down to Valdosta yesterday to get it. I named it Topanga... it's from Boy Meets World (Get it? BMW... get it?).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The rare update..

I'm sorry that updates are pretty rare nowadays. I think I'll make it a goal to post every day in August.

Shawn has been here since the 1st. I had to work through the 4th, but was able to leave a little early so we could make it to the fireworks thing in Zebulon. It is something that Shawn and I have done every year we've been together.

Sunday was our 2-year engagement anniversay, so Shawn and I went out to eat and to a movie (Transformers 2) to celebrate. We came back to the house and we, along with Moma, went riding... I borrowed a friend's saddle to ride in, it didn't fit my horse, I stupidly rode anyway, and ended up on my back in the ditch when my little mare bucked and the saddle slipped sideways off her back. My arm and back are busted up pretty bad and my mobility isn't great right now, but I'll live (my mare, on the other hand, was in great danger after I got up... yeah, I have a temper).

Monday was a trip to the vet with the neighbor's cat (whose eye is being removed Thursday am), helping my dad move a gun safe, and then dinner with Shawn and Moma. Today was a trip to Gainesville to get my allergy shots and to pick up little Flip:

I got in my latest Knit Picks order today. This is the Little Bubble Baby kit and the extra yarn to make another set in the neutrals (the kit was for the blue). The blue will be going to my nephew on the way and the neutrals will go in the hope chest for when I have kiddos one day.

This is Palette yarn in Navy and gray. I'll be making Arthur, my brother, some colorwork gloves for Christmas.

Palette in a dark burgunday red and a mustard yellow. I think these will be Endpaper Mitts for me.

Even more Palette in Sweet Potato and Eggplant for who knows what.

Shimmer Lace in a dark red for a shawl for me (Entomology, maybe?), Bare (the wool/silk blend) for me (wedding socks? to use for the garter?), and some burgunday red Comfy (cotton/acrylic blend, same stuff the baby kit is made with) for slippers for Moma for Christmas.

A trip to Cast-on Cottage to kill time today had me end up with this, 3 skeins of Hempathy. It will get made into a shopping bag for my swap partner.

I must rave about Knit Picks. I have always loved them... affordable, nice products, etc. But, their customer service is the big getter. Amazing! I've heard a lot of good things about them, but today was my first experience with their service side. I had ordered some circular needles for my pal and they didn't get put into the box (really, the needles are what I made an order for and all the rest somehow ended up sneaking into my shopping cart!). I called, gave my info, and they put the needles in the mail today! No questions, no nothing. I love Knit Picks and recommend that everyone shop there! Nope, I don't work there (I wish!), just a very loyal customer.