Friday, July 10, 2009


If you're a reader, you know that I love animals. I have many pets and animals are such a huge part of my life. I think I'd be the most boring and miserable person without them.

I haven't shown off my mom's rabbit, Spooky. She's a Netherland Dwarf mix we picked up at the chicken sale (we got some for the neighbor girls and there were 4 in the cage, so Spooky stayed here). She's named Spooky because she's white and because she's a little spooky. We've been handling her daily and she's calmed a lot, but is still pretty frightful.

This is the newest addition, One-Eyed Jack. He was a stray the neighbors have been feeding for about a year. He got an "eye infection" (according to the neighbor), so I sent over some neo-poly-bac ointment. They said it wasn't working and wanted me to take a look. Um, not an infection. His eye wasn't recognizeable... a big membraney mass in the socket. I took him to the vet and talked about options. The neighbor didn't want to put a lot of money into him, but surgery was only about 70.00 more than euthanasia. I, having become a softy lately, offered to pay the rest if they would pay the 45.00. I made the appointment and dropped him off and the neighbors decided that it would be best if I started feeding "Gray Kitty" and keep him for myself. I really got suckered into that one.

Even so, Jack is doing well. I picked him up today and the eye enucleation went well and we also got him neutered (lost something on both ends... rough day for him!). He's staying in a rabbit cage for 10 days or so until I can take the sutures out and see how it's healing up. Then he'll be let loose again to come and go as he pleases. He'll do fine as long as he doesn't go in Partner's pen (that's our mostly Lab who is a proven killer). Jack's a country-smart cat and has already scratched a curious Black Jack on the nose, so I think he'll be able to take care of himself.

And, a new pic of the 3 stooges. We've been riding a lot lately and I swear, Acorn gets worse with each one! She's a tempermental little thing, but she's still my sweet baby girl. Left to Right: Rowdy the Quarter Horse (my mom's horse), Acorn the 1/2 Quarter Horse 1/4 Arabian 1/4 Spotted Saddle Horse (my girl), and Yankee the Morgan (Shawn's horse). No, Acorn is not pregnant, she's just a fat and sassy little mare.

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