Monday, July 20, 2009

Ebony Cashmere

He's so much more stunning and gorgeous in person.
A good friend of mine, AJ, and I went down to Millidgeville to look at and pick up this handsome guy yesterday night. Ebony Cashmere is his registered name. He's a registered Paint stud colt, 2 years old. Beautiful conformation, coloring, wonderful personality, he really is the total package. And, I got him for a steal at 400.00!

He's going to be my project and baby. My mare, Acorn, is, well, a mare. Tempermental and moody, sweet today, a rodeo horse tomorrow. I still plan on working with her and riding her often, but I think this little man is going to be my real focus. He's a fun colt... VERY playful, much to the annoyance of Tabasco and Special Ed (he chases them for fun, but they aren't too happy about it). I will be breeding Acorn and Winchester (Acorn's mother, my dad's horse, who is paint colored) to him sometime in the future.

I haven't come up with a barn name yet. I want something perfect. It's a neat coincidence that his name is Ebony Cashmere... his mom was Western Cashmere and his dad's mother was Spindle Miss! All these fibery names... don't you love it? I would call him Cash, but I already have my dog, Johnny Cash.

He's going to be a BIG boy. His dad was 16 hands (a hand is 4 inches) and his mom was 15 hands. Height is measured to the wither (the point at the shoulder where their neck meets the back). Sooo... he's already about 14.2 hh (the .2 is 2 inches) and still has a good 3 years of growing left to do. He should be around 15.2 or so when fully grown. Rowdy and Acorn are right at 14 hh and Yankee will be around 15hh when grown.

I'm in love with this spunky colt and can't wait to be able to do some real work with him. All I really know about him is that he's been handled a lot and will lead, tie, load, stand, etc. And, he loves to play.

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Megan said...

He's beautiful!