Monday, July 13, 2009

Flash The Stash

This is my last day of vacation and I'm just lazying around the house. I picked up my room a little and reorganized the stash. I took the opportunity to get pictures of it in its (almost) entirity. I do have 3 pounds of wool and a small laundry basket of various acrylics in the attic and I also have 5-10 skeins that are stashed in various places I forgot to get pics of until after the fact.

The top is of Charlotte, my Ashford Traditional and my love. In the top left of the pic you can see Rolly Polly, my Ashford Drum Carder. I forgot to get a pic of Beatis, my Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom and Turner, my Ashford Swift (I'm loyal to Ashford, can't you tell?).

Anyway, that's the stash on my bed. I didn't want to stack/pile, so it took 2 times of getting it all out and photographed. I have cheap acrylics, workhorse wools, handdyed, handspun, novelty (few, fortunately), and everything in between. My spinning stash is also shown, for the most part.

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