Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not Up To Much

I haven't been very productive lately and I hate that. I've only managed to finish one really quick and easy project lately, haven't been walking or running much (I did go for a very short run yesterday but it started raining and is raining again today), and haven't really been riding much. I have been working with the new horse when I can, but daily work is best and I haven't been able to do that.

I've been thinking and need an assessment on my projects and what needs to be finished when:

1) Wedding Clapotis - Needs to be finished by the end of October
2) Waves of Grain handbinding scarf - Needs to be finished by the new year
3) Shawn's Wedding Socks - Need to be finished by April 2010
4) My Garter - Needs to be finished by April 2010

Christmas 2009
1) Arthur - Alligator Scarf, Argyle Felted Pillow, Colorwork Fingerless Mitts
2) Michelle - Piccolino Coin Purse, Petal Tam
3) Moma - Not-So-Squatty Sidekick, Fetching Fingerless Gloves
4) Daddy - Ripple Lapghan (DONE)
5) Shawn - Snowflake Ornament (DONE)

What I Want
1) Tree Jacket - my handspun Romney x (gray-brown)
2) Amused - Red Heart Eco-Ways (gray)
3) Rusted Root - Brooks Farm Mas Acero (reddish)
4) Entymology - Knit Picks Shadows (reddish)
5) Short-sleeved Sweater - Miss Babs Whatta Skein (purple)
6) Socks, socks, socks
7) Colorwork fingerless mitts of some sort

I'm still working on the Pyewacket Socks, Wedding Wrap, Fly Net (almost finished!), a project bag for a swap pal, and am getting more scraps together for the Scrappy thing.


sunsetknitter said...

It's summertime. That's my excuse!

lunaticraft said...

I've been pretty crazy unproductive myself... You've at least gotten something done even if it is small, so you're ahead of me! =D