Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The rare update..

I'm sorry that updates are pretty rare nowadays. I think I'll make it a goal to post every day in August.

Shawn has been here since the 1st. I had to work through the 4th, but was able to leave a little early so we could make it to the fireworks thing in Zebulon. It is something that Shawn and I have done every year we've been together.

Sunday was our 2-year engagement anniversay, so Shawn and I went out to eat and to a movie (Transformers 2) to celebrate. We came back to the house and we, along with Moma, went riding... I borrowed a friend's saddle to ride in, it didn't fit my horse, I stupidly rode anyway, and ended up on my back in the ditch when my little mare bucked and the saddle slipped sideways off her back. My arm and back are busted up pretty bad and my mobility isn't great right now, but I'll live (my mare, on the other hand, was in great danger after I got up... yeah, I have a temper).

Monday was a trip to the vet with the neighbor's cat (whose eye is being removed Thursday am), helping my dad move a gun safe, and then dinner with Shawn and Moma. Today was a trip to Gainesville to get my allergy shots and to pick up little Flip:

I got in my latest Knit Picks order today. This is the Little Bubble Baby kit and the extra yarn to make another set in the neutrals (the kit was for the blue). The blue will be going to my nephew on the way and the neutrals will go in the hope chest for when I have kiddos one day.

This is Palette yarn in Navy and gray. I'll be making Arthur, my brother, some colorwork gloves for Christmas.

Palette in a dark burgunday red and a mustard yellow. I think these will be Endpaper Mitts for me.

Even more Palette in Sweet Potato and Eggplant for who knows what.

Shimmer Lace in a dark red for a shawl for me (Entomology, maybe?), Bare (the wool/silk blend) for me (wedding socks? to use for the garter?), and some burgunday red Comfy (cotton/acrylic blend, same stuff the baby kit is made with) for slippers for Moma for Christmas.

A trip to Cast-on Cottage to kill time today had me end up with this, 3 skeins of Hempathy. It will get made into a shopping bag for my swap partner.

I must rave about Knit Picks. I have always loved them... affordable, nice products, etc. But, their customer service is the big getter. Amazing! I've heard a lot of good things about them, but today was my first experience with their service side. I had ordered some circular needles for my pal and they didn't get put into the box (really, the needles are what I made an order for and all the rest somehow ended up sneaking into my shopping cart!). I called, gave my info, and they put the needles in the mail today! No questions, no nothing. I love Knit Picks and recommend that everyone shop there! Nope, I don't work there (I wish!), just a very loyal customer.

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Tekgirl said...

I want the bunny and everything you've ordered from knitpicks. My address is....
Though seriously- I totally want an angora bunny at the moment so can't stop going squeeee. That and I can't agree with you enough about how great Knitpicks is. They don't deliever overseas yet :( but I have managed to get some of my friends in the states to post stuff on to me and it's great quality. I love it.