Monday, July 13, 2009

Swap Box!

It came!

-A great letter about Colorado and how she and DH ended up there.
-A letter breaking down the goodies.
-The sweetest handmade Thank You card for being swap mama. - So sweet and much appreciated!
-A skein of gorgeous Aspen Sock yarn from Red Rocks Fiber Works (based in Co) in the colorway, Koi Pond. - I love the colors and the colorway name is so great (my mom and I are big into koi)
-4.15 ounces of oh-so-yummy merino top from Poppy Flower Fibers (Boulder, Co). - You did great picking this out! Beautiful colors and irresistably soft! I can’t wait to spin it up (it’s next in line!)
-A really cute coffee cup cozy made from a recycled sweater. - This is adorable and much needed!
-The Twice Sheared Sheep Infinity Stitch Markers with Yellow Turquoise - Such a unique and clever design! Love them!
-The Twice Sheared Sheep sheep magnets featuring Shawn the Sheep - My fiance’s name is Shawn and these are adorable… such a thoughtful and sweet surprise!
-Savory Spice Shop (a Co store) Peppermint Vanilla Bean Sugar - Looks and sounds delicious!
-Savory Spice Shop Pike’s Peak Butcher’s Rub - 14,110 ft - My hometown is in Pike County (with the city of Zebulon)… named after Zebulon Pike, the founder of Pike’s Peak! Don’t think you knew this, but a neat coincidence anyway! I’m saving this for when Shawn comes down next and we’ll have yummy burgers
-Savory Spice Shop Chai Spices
-Vail Mtn Coffee & Tea Co. (Minturn, Co) Darjeeling tea (Gopaldhara Estate) - YUM. Smells divine!
-Colorado River Rocks and Riverbed Pebbles candies - Already gotten into these and I love them! Very good and such a cute idea. The pebbles are especially authentic looking.
-The Soap Shop Colorado Breeze Massage Candle - So cute! The melted wax can be used as a massage oil. I think my allergies should be Ok with it since the ingredients are natural (I’m trying it anyway!).
-Some gorgeous postcards and pictures of Colorado - I love the sunflower pics! You have such beautiful land out there.
-A cute little fabric pouch by The Good Gift Bag - So cute! I think I’ll be using it to carry my smaller notions (like those gorgeous stitch markers you sent)
-Rocky Mountain Mints Colorado peppermint mints - I love mints and peppermint in general and the tin couldn’t be cuter!
-Wildflowers of Colorado Blue Columbine seeds - How’d you know Columbine is one of my favorite flowers ever? I didn’t know it was your state flower. These are definitely going into the garden (I had to fight my mom off them when she saw them)
-A 2010 desktop calendar of Colorado - I’m rather obsessed with calendars and scheduling, so this is perfect!
-Pocky - It’s the same as Pepero and how sweet to check out H-Mart!
-The Dyer’s Companion book - LOVE! I have only dabbled a tiny bit in dyeing and this is such a huge help and a major surprise!
-The Fey by Claudia Hall Christian
-Cinnamon Roasted Almonds (Hudson, Co) - I LOVE LOVE LOVE these candied nut things! Such a treat!
-Old Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier dog treats - So sweet! My dogs have already enjoyed half the bag!
-Roll ‘n’ Chew toy for the rats - This is sooo sweet of you! My little rodent babies probably feel left out since the dogs get a lot of stuff, so they’ll really love this.
-A Designedly, Kristi Original Pattern for Pyewacket socks… they have puppy dog feet on them!- SO COOL! My mom and I will be casting on for this soon!
-Another pattern by the same Co. designer, Spring Frills (really adorable lace cuffs) - So pretty and elegant, yet functional! I think I have the perfect yarn in mind for these

Here's Johnny Cash's appreciation photo for the treats kasey13 sent! Look at that big happy dog grin!

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lizzzknits said...

That is quite the swap box. Being from Colorado, I know you got a great collection of stuff!!