Sunday, August 30, 2009

Puppy for Ayden

My (future) sister-in-law, Haylee, is expecting their first baby September 11. The shower is oday. I am taking the Baby Ribbed Jacket and my mom has a box full of baby wipes and made 3 burp cloths (monogrammed with cars, which the daddy loves). I got home from work yesterday night at 12am and decided that little Ayden needs a puppy.

It is a freebie pattern I picked up at Hobby Lobby Friday. I used Caron Simply Soft held doubled. The eyes and nose are drawn on with Sharpie. Really quick and really cute.

I love the tail. It's just like Mike (pronounced Meeka), my brother's female Yorkie, who came from Korea and has almost no tail.

This is just a cute, though dark, picture I got of Pepper. She was sleeping and used her rock as a pillow. She even has one little hand under her head like a little person would do.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Christmas Knitting

This is half of Michelle's Christmas present (Mom's Cabled Mitts (Rav link)). I'm a good ways into the second one now.

I used Kathmandu Aran... a wonderful silk, cashmere, and merino blend. I won 2 balls in a contest and am hooked. I have 15 balls on the way to me now for a sweater...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kindness Never Fails to Astonish

Yesterday was a day for kindness. I received two different packages from friends with gifts.

Above is from Jen, who I met through the first swap in my group, Flat Rate Box Swap, on Ravelry. I sent a package to her. She sent me a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) on the day that Black Jack died (she didn't know about Black Jack at the time).

She bought a gorgeous amber orifice hook for my spinning wheel. I've been wanting a pretty hook and this one is stunning. She got it from an etsy shop. She also sent a pattern I had in my queue, Carmine, a really pretty skirt that will be great for fall. The card she sent was touching and so thoughtful.
This is the second box. It's from Tammy, a good friend from the knitting group/spinning guild I went to in north Georgia. I haven't seen my fiber friends for a long time now and I miss them. Tammy got me these two skeins of gorgeous yarn (that I haven't seen before) as well as The Yarn Harlot's At Knit's End book (not pictured) for graduation.

Aren't I a loved girl? I feel like it right now!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hamster Hut

My first project from The Animal Knits Bible is a hamster house.

Dot is modelling.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

What Knit Picks order?

I went on my 3 mile run (go me!) and walked the 3 miles back. Johnny Cash and I were hot and tired and this box was waiting for us (ok, me) when we got back.

So, I'm bad. I have made a KP order once a month since graduating. I'm supposed to be saving money, not enhancing the stash. I wasn't going to order anything this month, but my mom needed yarn to make a Woodland Shawl to go with the dress she's wearing to my wedding. She wanted something affordable and in the right color (a pretty limey green). Of course, Knit Picks Palette was the first thing that came to mind... inexpensive and in any color you could want. Well, KP has a deal that if you spend 50.00, the shipping is free. I know it's a strategy to get you to buy more. I understand how retail works (I'm living it right now, quite unhappily). But, despite that, they get me every single time.

So, her 7.00 order of yarn turned into a 60.00 order. I took advantage of the 40% off book sale and got Pet Projects: The Animal Knits Bible (Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne). It's really great. There are projects for all animals, even rabbits and goldfish!

I also got 2 balls of Palette in Chicory. They'll probably end up being socks. For now, they'll go with the other million balls of Palette I have no plan for yet. I just can't quit buying it. The colors are so pretty and it's sooo cheap (1.99 at the most!), so I use it as a filler when I only need a few dollars to meet my 50.00 goal (ok, I went 10.00 over this time, just ignore that little detail...).

I picked up a ball of the new City Tweed in Yellow Curd. I'm really stuck on mustardy yellow right now. I'll probably make me a pair of Fetching with it.

Lastly, I got 9 skeins of KP Stroll (formerly called Essential, which I much prefer to Stroll) in sportweight. It's a new weight for KP. I got the Sarge colorway (can you guess it's OD green?) to make the Carnaby Street Pullover from the Fall Knitscene.

Here's miss June after trying to steal that ball of Palette in the lower left corner. I had just told her a few seconds before that she looked like a yarn stealer... she didn't disappoint.

A Little Update

I'm making great progress on the Buttony Sweater! I'm about to increase for the hips. I did do waist-shaping... just tried it on and decreased as I went. I think it'll turn out great. As always, I did increase it a little too much before putting the sleeves on holders. I'll seam the underarms a touch to fix that (as well as do some sleeve decreases). Sorry the pic isn't the best (it's almost 0100 and my room lighting is awful).

I'm about halfway through the foot of my first Pyewacket sock. It's a quick and easy pattern, but still entertaining. Despite being simple, I made a huge mistake. The dumbest mistake. I started doing ssk decreases on the foot instead of sssk like I should. That made a few pawprints kind of wonky (ok, very wonky). Am I about to rip back? Um, no. I'll just have to live with it (hey, it's in a shoe anyway, so who'll know?).

I've been good and have added one repeat to my wedding wrap. I've found new motivation toward it. I'll be casting on for the handbinding scarf soon (Waves of Grain).

The Air Force is a no-go. The only positions in the Ga. Reserves are pilot and navigator. Can you believe it? The most coveted jobs are the only ones available! I'm too short for them and am really not interested in them anyway. Soooo... I'm trying to go enlisted in the Army Guard (I could go officer, but am afraid I'm not tough enough for Army officer training, so will go enlisted to feel it out first). I hope that everything goes as planned. Shawn can help recruit me and will get a nice little check for it (2000.00). I am so afraid that I'll be disqualified for some reason. The military has gotten very selective since the economy has made it an appealing option for so many. I've been running a lot (did 2.25 miles today, trying to 3+ tomorrow). Sit-ups are no issues. Push-ups... well, that's definitely my weak point. But, a week of training will fix that (I remember being able to do a handful before ROTC in college and a week later being able to knock out 25 easily... yeah, I was in the front leaning rest A LOT).

Pray for me that I'll be able to join up! I want to be a flight planner. I got the Ok to be in Shawn's unit (different platoons, though), so we could ride together on drill weekends/for AT (annual training). I hope to go to a recruiter this coming Friday.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday with Shawn. It was so nice. I love that boy and can't wait to get married.

June Carter is doing great! She and Johnny Cash are getting along better. She's definitely going to be my running buddy (I'm so glad that all 3 of my dogs love running with me). I don't want to run her too much right now since she's still growing, but she just cries and cries if I leave her at home. I took her today on the long run, but will be leaving her in the future unless I'm just walking. June's a hyper little thing and has no manners... we'll be starting training in the next week or so and she'll be a polite and obedient girl in no time. I plan on going through advanced obedience and hopefully some sort of specialty work as well (I think we'll do some fun service work like getting things on command and turning on/off the lights and such).

Anyway, that's it for now. I'll try to get more knitting pics this weekend.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Already in trouble...

Thank you, friends, for the kind words about Black Jack. I still can't believe that she's gone.

June Carter is settling in well. She's still a little scared of the other dogs (probably because the inside dogs surround her and bark non-stop when they're outside and Johnny Cash runs and tackles her), but is definitely doing better than yesterday. Here's some proof:

The flower pot, with a planted flower in it, looked like a good place to dig a little and stand in.
Oh, actually, it's a great place to sit!

Normally, we'd be out the door to run off and spank someone in the flower pot. But... she's the new baby and, look at that German Shepherd face we're suckers for... she's lucky she took after the Shepherd in her!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Goodbye, My Friend

My best girl died yesterday.

Black Jack was dumped in my front yard when I was 9 years old. She and I were best friends... we went everywhere together and did everything together. She waited for me at the bus stop every afternoon... if I went to a friend's house and didn't get off the bus, she would sulk back to the house, lay under the truck, and refuse to move or eat until I returned.

She was the best dog. I could take her anywhere, training was a breeze (she was the first dog I trained), she got along great with other animals.

Black Jack was 17 years old. My mom accidentally ran over her yesterday and she died instantly. I am beyond sad about it, but it was almost a blessing at the same time. She went quickly. I was always so afraid of going out one day and just finding her dead or having her get sick and having to make the decision to put her down. But, there is no easy way to lose a pet, a member of the family, my best friend for 13 years. We are having the funeral tomorrow. My dad built a really nice coffin for her.

She had 17 good years. She was healthy up until the end, only having lost her hearing and most of her eyesight. I am so thankful for that. She will be missed forever. There will never be another like my sweet BJ Girl.

We say goodbye to Black Jack and welcome June Carter:

I dropped BJ's body off at the vet to be kept in the freezer until the burial. As I was leaving, my old coworker and friend gave me an ad for a puppy with a sweet face. My friend helped in the c-section that gave us the litter this little girl was in. I am the type that needs to get another pet soon after losing one... it helps me to keep my mind off the lost pet, keeps me from dwelling on it. Moma and I went this morning and picked up June Carter, a 15 week old mutt with a sweet personality and face that reminds me of Black Jack when she was young.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Knitting, Bunnies, and Pepper!

Moma went with me to the allergy doctor today, so it was a great chance for knitting on the ride and in the waiting room. I am almost through the heel flap on my Pyewacket Socks; it's an Eye of the Partridge, my first, and I really love how pretty it is. I usually go for a regular slipped stitch heel. The true color is really a pretty purple, not the bluish purple in the picture.

I've gotten a lot done on my Buttony Sweater. I love how it's coming out. I was worried for a bit about gauge... it's handspun and I could have been a tad more consistent with thickness in some places, but it ended up being ok and isn't enough to worry over/make it look funny. I have a few more increase rounds before I can start knitting straight on the body.

While in Gainesville, we stopped by my rabbit buddy's house to pick up my final three bunnies (you can see her website here). Here they are (they are all English and are littermates):

This is Dandy, a chinchilla buck.

Butters, a lilac tort buck.

Rigby, a self chin (black) doe.

And, Pepper, who gets little blog time. She's a Bearded Dragon. I got her as a tiny little hatchling in 2007. She's grown so much and gains more and more color with each shed. She's an excellent eater. Her color is more vibrant in real life.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I really should be working on my wedding wrap. But, it's so boring. I am going to make myself knit at least 1 repeat a week, though, starting this coming week. It should be finished soon enough.

This is the Buttony Sweater in my handspun Romney x (roving from Hello Yarn, spun into a heavy worsted/bulky 3-ply). I have modded the pattern to suit my wants/needs and I think this is going to be a winner. I have my KP Options set, so have circs long enough to actually try the thing on as I go (my problem with past raglans... just wing it and they are too big). I have 4 skeins spun so far and haven't made to large of a dent into the 2 lb I originally purchased, so yardage shouldn't be an issue. I can't wait to have the FO and I really can't wait for winter so I can wear it!

In other news, I've been looking for a new job. With no luck. Surprising, huh? I actually could get a job in ID at the Sheriff's Department (and would be sent to CSI school... I have Daddy connections and part of my degree is in CJ ;-), but the application/hiring process takes about 3 months. I need to leave my job before then. It's become unbearable and I have found out about a few things going on in upper management that have made working there really tough. The entire store wants to be transferred/quit, but they won't move us out of the store and we can't afford to quit without another job lined up and ready to go. Anyway, I'm talking to an Air Force recruiter Tuesday. It'll be an enlisted recruiter, but he can point me in the right direction for OTS (Officers Training School). I hope to be able to leave for training in a month or so... train for 4 months, start back at Walgreens (and hopefully have some changes by then... new manager or I get put in a new store), and start the process for getting hired at the Sheriff's Dept. That's the plan. I'm really hoping that I can go through with the AF thing... I have had ankle surgery, but I'm not looking to fly, so that shouldn't be something that I can't get a waiver for if needed. I know that there's a hold on enlistments since the military has become a very popular job option in this economy... hoping that it's not the same for officers. I'll go either Guard or Reserves. Very excited!

Friday, August 7, 2009

I love making yarn

This came off the wheel yesterday night and is almost dried. I ended up getting about 135 yards of 3-ply dk/light worsted. It's Corriedale x dyed by Gale Evans of Gale's Art in the Garden Party colorway. I like it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WIPS and FOs

I feel productive again. I'm back on my diet/exercise regimen after about a week off (I have lost 14 lb so far and have kept it off despite the week break), I have been crafting like I want, and I'm caught up on most of my debts from school and can finally start saving money starting with the next check. The only bills will be the normal ones (Hughesnet, Walmart credit card, and student loans (which, fortunately, I don't have much of)). I still haven't been able to work with Little Joe as much as I would like, but we can't have everything, right?

Here's the crafting evidence:

I finally have something on the wheel again. I did spin up that stuff for my pal, but this is all for me and it makes me happy. This is Gale's Art Corriedale blend in Garden Party (a limited colorway). I'm spinning it into a fine singles that will be Navajo-plied to keep color purity. I also managed to spin up another skein of the Romney x (a longterm project that will become a pullover eventually).

This is the Scrappy rug/blanket thing. I frogged the knitting version and am now crocheting it. My enthusiasm for it has been renewed and I just love how much faster crochet it. Will it be a felted rug or a big comfy blanket? I'm leaning toward the latter, but it really depends on how much I like it when I decide I'm finished with it.

This is a project bag for a swap pal. It's the Little Bag pattern modded to be larger. I used fingering weight yarn and made the bag a little bigger. The drawstring is also different than called for in the pattern... instead of a twisted cord, I did a 5 stitch sc tube. Tedious, yes, but I really like how it came out. A crocheted i-cord of sorts.

Doesn't Rowdy just look thrilled? This is the finished fly net. I like how it came out, but it needs something else to hold it on with. The sc string under the throat isn't cutting it when he shakes his head. It needs to be worn with a halter, which I knew but was too lazy to get out of the barn, and I will need to play around with adding another strap.