Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Knitting, Bunnies, and Pepper!

Moma went with me to the allergy doctor today, so it was a great chance for knitting on the ride and in the waiting room. I am almost through the heel flap on my Pyewacket Socks; it's an Eye of the Partridge, my first, and I really love how pretty it is. I usually go for a regular slipped stitch heel. The true color is really a pretty purple, not the bluish purple in the picture.

I've gotten a lot done on my Buttony Sweater. I love how it's coming out. I was worried for a bit about gauge... it's handspun and I could have been a tad more consistent with thickness in some places, but it ended up being ok and isn't enough to worry over/make it look funny. I have a few more increase rounds before I can start knitting straight on the body.

While in Gainesville, we stopped by my rabbit buddy's house to pick up my final three bunnies (you can see her website here). Here they are (they are all English and are littermates):

This is Dandy, a chinchilla buck.

Butters, a lilac tort buck.

Rigby, a self chin (black) doe.

And, Pepper, who gets little blog time. She's a Bearded Dragon. I got her as a tiny little hatchling in 2007. She's grown so much and gains more and more color with each shed. She's an excellent eater. Her color is more vibrant in real life.

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Anita O said...

the socks look great so far. You're really coming along with your sweater!

Your bunnies are sooo cute.

Hey, is there any animal you don't grow? LOL. Too bad you couldn't make Pepper's shed skin into some kind of fiber. LOL. Kidding!!