Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Little Update

I'm making great progress on the Buttony Sweater! I'm about to increase for the hips. I did do waist-shaping... just tried it on and decreased as I went. I think it'll turn out great. As always, I did increase it a little too much before putting the sleeves on holders. I'll seam the underarms a touch to fix that (as well as do some sleeve decreases). Sorry the pic isn't the best (it's almost 0100 and my room lighting is awful).

I'm about halfway through the foot of my first Pyewacket sock. It's a quick and easy pattern, but still entertaining. Despite being simple, I made a huge mistake. The dumbest mistake. I started doing ssk decreases on the foot instead of sssk like I should. That made a few pawprints kind of wonky (ok, very wonky). Am I about to rip back? Um, no. I'll just have to live with it (hey, it's in a shoe anyway, so who'll know?).

I've been good and have added one repeat to my wedding wrap. I've found new motivation toward it. I'll be casting on for the handbinding scarf soon (Waves of Grain).

The Air Force is a no-go. The only positions in the Ga. Reserves are pilot and navigator. Can you believe it? The most coveted jobs are the only ones available! I'm too short for them and am really not interested in them anyway. Soooo... I'm trying to go enlisted in the Army Guard (I could go officer, but am afraid I'm not tough enough for Army officer training, so will go enlisted to feel it out first). I hope that everything goes as planned. Shawn can help recruit me and will get a nice little check for it (2000.00). I am so afraid that I'll be disqualified for some reason. The military has gotten very selective since the economy has made it an appealing option for so many. I've been running a lot (did 2.25 miles today, trying to 3+ tomorrow). Sit-ups are no issues. Push-ups... well, that's definitely my weak point. But, a week of training will fix that (I remember being able to do a handful before ROTC in college and a week later being able to knock out 25 easily... yeah, I was in the front leaning rest A LOT).

Pray for me that I'll be able to join up! I want to be a flight planner. I got the Ok to be in Shawn's unit (different platoons, though), so we could ride together on drill weekends/for AT (annual training). I hope to go to a recruiter this coming Friday.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday with Shawn. It was so nice. I love that boy and can't wait to get married.

June Carter is doing great! She and Johnny Cash are getting along better. She's definitely going to be my running buddy (I'm so glad that all 3 of my dogs love running with me). I don't want to run her too much right now since she's still growing, but she just cries and cries if I leave her at home. I took her today on the long run, but will be leaving her in the future unless I'm just walking. June's a hyper little thing and has no manners... we'll be starting training in the next week or so and she'll be a polite and obedient girl in no time. I plan on going through advanced obedience and hopefully some sort of specialty work as well (I think we'll do some fun service work like getting things on command and turning on/off the lights and such).

Anyway, that's it for now. I'll try to get more knitting pics this weekend.

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lizzzknits said...

You are a very busy young lady! Good Luck with the Guard!