Saturday, August 22, 2009

What Knit Picks order?

I went on my 3 mile run (go me!) and walked the 3 miles back. Johnny Cash and I were hot and tired and this box was waiting for us (ok, me) when we got back.

So, I'm bad. I have made a KP order once a month since graduating. I'm supposed to be saving money, not enhancing the stash. I wasn't going to order anything this month, but my mom needed yarn to make a Woodland Shawl to go with the dress she's wearing to my wedding. She wanted something affordable and in the right color (a pretty limey green). Of course, Knit Picks Palette was the first thing that came to mind... inexpensive and in any color you could want. Well, KP has a deal that if you spend 50.00, the shipping is free. I know it's a strategy to get you to buy more. I understand how retail works (I'm living it right now, quite unhappily). But, despite that, they get me every single time.

So, her 7.00 order of yarn turned into a 60.00 order. I took advantage of the 40% off book sale and got Pet Projects: The Animal Knits Bible (Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne). It's really great. There are projects for all animals, even rabbits and goldfish!

I also got 2 balls of Palette in Chicory. They'll probably end up being socks. For now, they'll go with the other million balls of Palette I have no plan for yet. I just can't quit buying it. The colors are so pretty and it's sooo cheap (1.99 at the most!), so I use it as a filler when I only need a few dollars to meet my 50.00 goal (ok, I went 10.00 over this time, just ignore that little detail...).

I picked up a ball of the new City Tweed in Yellow Curd. I'm really stuck on mustardy yellow right now. I'll probably make me a pair of Fetching with it.

Lastly, I got 9 skeins of KP Stroll (formerly called Essential, which I much prefer to Stroll) in sportweight. It's a new weight for KP. I got the Sarge colorway (can you guess it's OD green?) to make the Carnaby Street Pullover from the Fall Knitscene.

Here's miss June after trying to steal that ball of Palette in the lower left corner. I had just told her a few seconds before that she looked like a yarn stealer... she didn't disappoint.

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