Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WIPS and FOs

I feel productive again. I'm back on my diet/exercise regimen after about a week off (I have lost 14 lb so far and have kept it off despite the week break), I have been crafting like I want, and I'm caught up on most of my debts from school and can finally start saving money starting with the next check. The only bills will be the normal ones (Hughesnet, Walmart credit card, and student loans (which, fortunately, I don't have much of)). I still haven't been able to work with Little Joe as much as I would like, but we can't have everything, right?

Here's the crafting evidence:

I finally have something on the wheel again. I did spin up that stuff for my pal, but this is all for me and it makes me happy. This is Gale's Art Corriedale blend in Garden Party (a limited colorway). I'm spinning it into a fine singles that will be Navajo-plied to keep color purity. I also managed to spin up another skein of the Romney x (a longterm project that will become a pullover eventually).

This is the Scrappy rug/blanket thing. I frogged the knitting version and am now crocheting it. My enthusiasm for it has been renewed and I just love how much faster crochet it. Will it be a felted rug or a big comfy blanket? I'm leaning toward the latter, but it really depends on how much I like it when I decide I'm finished with it.

This is a project bag for a swap pal. It's the Little Bag pattern modded to be larger. I used fingering weight yarn and made the bag a little bigger. The drawstring is also different than called for in the pattern... instead of a twisted cord, I did a 5 stitch sc tube. Tedious, yes, but I really like how it came out. A crocheted i-cord of sorts.

Doesn't Rowdy just look thrilled? This is the finished fly net. I like how it came out, but it needs something else to hold it on with. The sc string under the throat isn't cutting it when he shakes his head. It needs to be worn with a halter, which I knew but was too lazy to get out of the barn, and I will need to play around with adding another strap.


lizzzknits said...

The photo of Rowdy made me chuckle! He doesn't look very thrilled, but I thought it was funny!

Anita O said...

Looks like things are going in the right direction for you. I love all your projects and Rowdy is cute as can be!

lunaticraft said...

Oh my goodness, Rowdy looks so adorable in his fly net! And boy, are you on top of things! I hope I'm in a similar boat soon!