Saturday, September 5, 2009


I love my drum carder, but I rarely use it. I hate using it. It's not fun. I just love having it and what comes out of it... the process isn't the funnest.

Anyway, I'm off today and wanted to get a lot done. Hasn't happened yet, but I did manage to wash Johnny Cash, go for a tiny little run (it started sprinkling), and pluck one of my angoras (Flippy, the black doe). I got a lot of fiber from her and decided to blend it with some Corriedale I got from Carolina Homespun at Stitches.

There was 4 ounces of wool. I blended all of it with angora. There's definitely more wool than angora, but enough bunny is there to make a pretty halo after it's spun/knitted. I'm thinking of making some gloves like in Lorna Miser's book (Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting (or something like that; don't have it in front of me)).

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Anita O said...

Pretty! I want to pet it!