Monday, September 21, 2009

A new obsession?

So, I got this sudden desire to sew yesterday. My mom is an avid sewer and used to spend every weekend at craft shows selling her dresses. I have my own machine and I've dabbled in it before (I made, I thought at least, a great stuffed dinosaur when I was 10. I was heartbroken when no one bought it at the craft show). Anyway, it hit me and I decided to make a simple project bag based on one I received in a swap and use to store my wedding wrap wip in. I don't have a pic of it... it's definitely not perfect and was a learning experience. So simple a bag and it turned out Ok, only not what I wanted. I remembered so much I wanted to do to it after it was too late. I plan on using it as a Christmas gift bag for Arthur.

I was off today, so decided to get this sewing thing down. I made another simple project bag and it came out much better:

The lining came out 100 times better and everything is lined up perfectly. The only issue I had was the drawstring... there isn't one. I planned for it, but couldn't get the buttonhole thing to work on the machine (my mom was at work and showed me when she got home, but it was too late by then). So, I'm just going to add buttonholes all the way around and have an exposed drawstring instead of the hidden one I wanted.

This was my next attempt. I found a pattern for a cute wallet at Sewing Mama Forums. It's just a pattern, no instructions. This was a challenge and required some thinking ahead... which didn't really happen at the right time. It was more... "Oh, I should have done this! But, it's too late now." I made it work, though it's not the prettiest thing. It has velcro inside and I'll be adding a button and loop to keep the flap down. I'll just use it to hold my change in my purse.

Now, this I am proud of. I made it right after the first one and am so happy with it. I really thought it out and I think it came out great. So, it isn't perfect, but what is? It's perfect enough, I think. I remembered to use interfacing for stability, planned the lining out, planned the velcro, the little snap thing, etc. I didn't really follow the pattern too much other than for size; it's heavily customized with the flap and such. The button is a vintage leather one and was sent to me in a swap. It isn't attached yet... will get the buttonhole done tomorrow.

I also made the wrist thing. I want to use this bag to carry my money, lip stuff, and the little essentials when I don't want to carry my purse. I used a dog collar buckle snap thing to attach the bag to the wrist strap.

I'm really liking this sewing thing. I don't think it will replace fiber crafting, but it's definitely something that I plan on doing more. I'm already planning my next project... a lunch bag.

On the knitting front, I am getting farther and farther along on the wedding wrap. I'm on repeat 11 of 13, but I think I'll add 2-3 repeats to make it a little longer. After that, it's the decreases and I'm finished! I started on the Chevvy socks from the Knitting with Handpainted Yarn book. It's a neat and interesting pattern. I've decided to turn them into mittens instead. The Pyewacket socks get worked on a little at a time. I still need to spin more yarn to do the sleeves on the Buttony Sweater (which I'll be giving to my mom... just don't think the bulky yarn is flattering on me). Instead of spinning that, though, I've been working on 4 ounces of superwash merino from Lisa Souza (I already spun the first 4 ounces a while back and am almost finished with the singles on this batch).

I'll be going Wednesday to see Sgt. Jeane again. He'll be finishing up the undone portions of my application (mainly employment gaps from when I was in school and wasn't working) and I'll leave my paper records he needs (college diploma, transcripts, etc). Things are looking up!

Oh, and remember my weight loss thing? I've lost 19 lbs and am able to keep it off... I run daily and try to watch what I eat (though I can eat out and eat more than I should on ocassion without a problem... my metabolism has picked up from the snail speed it used to be). I also drink A LOT of green tea (I'm in love with Arizona Diet Peach Tea and their Diet Green Tea with Ginseng), which helps the metabolism. I still need to lose 5 lb for the Army, but I pass the bmi test, so I'm good. I'm trying to lose the 5 anyway, though.


Lupie said...

You inspire me to take ou my sewing machine.
19lbs and running Great!!!!

lunaticraft said...

19 lbs!? WOW! Congrats! That's awesome! Now if only I can be as successful as you at that. haha

The little wallets look great, and so does the project bag. Sewing is such a great diversion from time to time. I hope you do keep it up, because clearly, you're very good at it!

Good luck with the Sgt.!