Wednesday, September 16, 2009

References and Woodburning

The meeting with the recruiter went great! We actually met with a different recruiter (the guy that flaked wasn't there again, but he does have a good reason... his dad's in the hospital). Sgt. Jeane is really nice and helpful. Everything is looking good, so far, and I'm in the process of doing my application.

I have to have about 20 or so different references... very annoying and difficult since I don't have many friends to begin with and I can't use family. And, I have to go back at least 10 years because I need to get my top secret clearance for the field I'm going into (military intelligence). Sgt. Jeane wants me to try to be an interpreter, which I would LOVE to do, but the school is very long (like, 2 years) and is in California. It would be a great opportunity and experience, that's for sure, but I would have to leave Shawn and my animals behind. I think I coudl handle it, but do I really want to? It all depends on how well I test and such, so it's not really a decision that needs to be made right now anyway. Also, there's still no guarantee that I can actually join up... I need to get my physical and all that ready first. I'm REALLY hoping and praying that I can join with no problems! I am so excited about this. Keep thinking/praying about me!

I found a new home for Yankee, the Morgan gelding. He's across the street at the neighbors. Our property and my time is better suited to 3 horses, not 4, and he's now a spoiled pet and yard ornament. They don't ride, only pet and love on him. Acorn, my mare, is in with the Paint (I've changed his name to Handsome Rob, or Robbie). He'll eventually breed her.

Work is the same. Fortunately, the big boss is on vacation this week, so all of us managers are much more relaxed and at ease. It's sad when the entire store feels like that about you.

I got out the woodburner today after a long time of it being kept in the drawer and made this:

My swap group on Ravelry, the Flat Rate Box Swap, is working on a fall themed package. My pal is a dairy goat farmer and is quite obsessed about them (anyone who has been around goats should be the same way; goats have a charm that most can't resist), so I made her this woodburning of a trio of Alpine Dairy Goats out to pasture. I hope she likes it.

I'm more than halfway finished with my wedding wrap... it's getting there! It's actually an enjoyable knit when I work on it. I just hate the thought of it. I'm not much for deadline knitting, that's for sure.

I'm thinking of casting on for a new cardi/pullover/etc. Been checking patterns and the stash and I'm really liking St. James in Brooks Farm Mas Acero. But, really, I should be casting on for my wedding garter, the wedding handbinding scarf (definitely on this one, since it's probably going to be time consuming), and my mom's Christmas bag. We'll see what wins out.


lizzzknits said...

You certainly have many talents. Love the wood burning.

lunaticraft said...

Is there anything you're not good at? haha =D You are certianly a woman of many, awesome talents! Beautiful woodburning.

Glad to hear that your meeting with the recruiter went well! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for everything to work out for you!