Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Christmas used to always be this big affair at my house. My brother and I would get TONS of gifts. Now that we're older and my parents are in more of a financial bind than they used to be, it's not like it was. They do the best that they can, though, and I really appreciate that.

I'll first say what I got everyone...

I got my mom a lot of stuff, but most of it she got early. 200.00 for fabric (early), a really nice Knit Picks knitting bag (early), a full set of bamboo dpns (early), a green tea bath/body set (she found it, so it was early), and 2 surprise gifts: a Scentbug from Bath and Bodyworks with Frosted Cranberry oil and an animated Christmas Snoopy that dances and plays music (she loves Snoopy).

My brother got a handknit golfclub cozy with robots on it (I plan on making him more of these) and a 25.00 giftcard to AMC.

His girlfriend, Michelle, got a pair of fingerless mitts (made from the wonderful Kathmandu Aran) and a really nice set of acrylic paints and a painter's tote board (my mom and I went in together on this).

My dad got a crocheted lapghan and some pj pants he needed.

I still need to get Shawn and Chris something. Kenny is getting a pair of jeans from American Eagle.

Here's what I got:

From my dad, a Snuggie, theater gift certificates, and a really nice Swiss Military watch (for when I got to Basic/AIT; it's practically indestructable but still attractive).

From my mom, the Caboodles bag set (love!), an alarm clock with a dinosaur on it (it roars to wake you up), some socks (much needed), a heating blanket, and 2 gorgeous skeins of Malabrigo Silky Merino.

From Arthur, nothing. He promises to get my something soon. But, he also promised me my birthday/graduation gift soon and that was 6 months ago...

From Michelle....

WOW. She's a painter. An awesome painter. She's been working on this portrait of Black Jack (my 17 year-old dog that died this fall) in the back of my truck for a year and a half. It's perfect. That face is entirely Black Jack's. She even framed it for me and attached a fortune at the top that reads, "Nothing seems impossible to you." It's so nice to have such a beautiful gift. This is my first Christmas in 13 years without my baby girl.


lunaticraft said...

OMG, that painting is stunning, and such a perfect gift!

The first christmas is always the hardest... Glad to hear that it went well. =D

Shawn said...

I'm glad you had a good Christmas! The painting looks amazing! I can't wait to see you again so I can give you your gifts! I hope you really like them!