Wednesday, June 9, 2010

AIT Life

I'm finally able to post some pics...

Me, when I first got to AIT. Not a wonderful pic, but it's me anyway.

This is a picture of the Hacienda sign. The Hacienda is a hangout place for those of us in IET. They have a movie theater, pool tables, serve food and beer, and is just a fun place for us to go.

This is part of the company area. We have a really nice set up with weights and basketball. There are also some drink machines and a snack machine.

Here's my bay, where I live. I think there are 30 females per bay side.

My bed. I'm the top bunk. You'd better believe that I don't actually sleep under the covers! It's a pain to make the beds to standard, so I sleep in my sleeping bag and just tighten the blankets up in the morning.

I have more pics, which will come in later posts!

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