Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Pics... Weekend in San Antonio

Yesterday was a fun day. It started with me going to iHop with the girls in my bay. It was really nice to get a good breakfast and hang out with those crazy females.

Then I went back to the company and ended up sitting with 2 guys I met Friday night, Knoll and Kimrey. They are actually in my platoon, but I never really talked to them before (we were all at the Hacienda Friday night and we talked then... Knoll and I were in an altered mental status due to the beverages served there...). We just hung out at the picnic table for a while and they invited me to go watch the US v. England World Cup game at a bar. We left out to go to Riverwalk. We ended up at Hard Rock Cafe where we ate and had a few drinks.

After that, we decided to go check out the wax museum and Ripley's Believe It Or Not. It's normally 20.00 to get in, but military gets in for 5.00. A great deal.

This is a clock made from real chicken heads. I think it's actually really cool.

Here's a two-headed lamb. Two tracheas and such, but only one lung.

Here's Knoll standing in a giant tire (12 feet tall). Knoll is a cool guy. He's really tall at 6'5" so it was crazy to see him standing next to this big tire... he's over half the tire's height!

Knoll looking at a sculpture of an elk that is made entirely from nails welded together.

After Ripley's we went to eat and drink more at Hooters. It was a really good time. We made it back in time for 2300 bedcheck (Barely! The taxi dropped us off at 2253... we sprinted back to the company, ran upstairs, speed changed into out uniform, and were toe-to-line in time for the check. It has to be some sort of record).
Today Knoll and I are going to North Star Mall and to a movie at the Alamo Draft House... a wonderful theater that you can eat and drink at during the movie. The waiters are great and the good is really good and there are a lot of beers on tap and more in bottles.
I'm knitting when I can... the Copper Penny sock (Tofutsies in a green colorway) I was working on before I left for basic is coming along... about halfway through the foot now.

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lunaticraft said...

Oh man, I've always wanted to see Ripleys! Such cool stuff!

Hope all is well and that you're enjoying the military! =D