Sunday, June 6, 2010

Still Here...

Well, Basic Training went ok. It really wasn't that bad... not what everyone makes you think that it is. I was very fortunate to have a great battery (company for non-artillery) and the best platoon. We did a lot of ruck marching, which sucked, but it only made us stronger, I guess. The 9 weeks went by quick enough and then I was on my way to San Antonio, Texas, for AIT.

I was so excited for AIT... supposedly there would be more freedoms and such, but I got stuck at reception for 2 full weeks. Very disappointing. Had to wait for the next training cycle to start. I'm now in Charlie Company 232nd Med BN. Not the worst company (so they say...), but it's actually worse than Basic. The treatment isn't as good. Not bad, but I think Basic was much better and more regulated. We do get perks, like free weekends (no overnights, unfortunately) and some free time in the evenings, but it's not what I thought that it would be like. We did EMT training for the first 7 weeks and I'm now a nationally registered EMT-B, which is pretty cool. We start "Whiskey" training this week, which is the real Army part. Out in the field, etc. It should be a lot funner than the classroom stuff we've been doing.

I have some pictures, but not much time to put them up, so I will in the next post. My internet access is sporadic, but I'll try to get online to post a little more often now that I have the EMT part out of the way. Just wanted to post a little update on how I'm doing. Hope everyone is fine!

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