Sunday, August 29, 2010

Christmas Knitting

Here's the list...

* Moma - Potpourri Socks in Three Irish Girl's Adorn Sock, Titania colorway

* Daddy - Cigar gloves (he's an avid shooter) in I'm not sure yet, probably some handspun Romney

* Charlie - I Heart Zombies scarf, a hat, Cigar (he's also a big gun person). Will have to dig through the stash for the scarf and hat, but Cigar will be in Araucania Nature Wool, olive drab color

* Arthur - unsure

* Michelle - unsure

* Gideon - Hooded Sweater in random workhorse wools I have, a crocheted blanket in some fingering weight yarn

* Colt - a few knitted cat toys in random scraps

* Bams - (this is Charlie's cat that will be living with me soon) a few knitted cat toys in random scraps, maybe a kitty sweater in something nice, like Malabrigo

* Thumpy - (this is Charlie's rabbit that will be living with me soon) a rabbit sweater in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK, camo colorway

Now, let's see how much of this I actually get done. The project I'm least motivated about is actually Charlie's scarf. The colorwork is going to be a bit of a pain and I have to plan out how I'm going to be doing it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some Knitting and Other Things

The drive home from San Antonio took forever. Nearly 24 hours! I had to stop so many times to nap it was ridiculous, but we (Gideon went with me) made it.

I'm kinda sad because this is the first weekend in 3 months that I haven't spent with Charlie. Pathetic, right? haha. We have a date planned for tonight on the online game we play together, Fallen Earth. So, it might be lame, but it's something fun we can do together even though we're states apart.

I finally have a job! Or, 2 jobs! The vet I used to work for has part-time work for me, which I'm really thankful for. I start Monday and am getting around 25 hours/week. Better than nothing and I'll be glad to be back at the clinic. Now, Walgreens has called me back. The place that wouldn't even look at me, return my calls, or take my requests for the proper paperwork seriously. They have my job back for me (it only took me harassing them and threatening to get a lawyer). I'm going to start there in about 2 weeks, after I can tell the vet about it. I'd MUCH rather be at the clinic, but I really need full-time right now and Walgreens also pays 7.00 more per hour. I hate doing it, but I must.

Did I tell you that I'm moving into my own place? Yep, I finally got the boot from my parents. I wanted to move anyway, being 23 and all I feel it's time. I have until 19 October to be out... I'm shooting for 01 October if I can get up enough money by then.

I went through some of my stash (there are things I'd forgotten all about!) and pulled out inspiration yarn. Inspiration to quit browsing Ravelry and actually make something! I picked back up on the Endpaper Mitts I started before I left... one is finished and this is the progress on the other. I'm about to start increasing for the thumb. It's a quick and fun knit.

Here's what I cast on for today... the Basic Chic Hoodie in Miss Bab's Yowza- Whatta Yarn! I got from Stitches South (or was it SAFF? I can't remember). Doesn't look like much yet, but I'm hoping that this will be a well-fitting sweater I can use this winter and once I'm in Michigan next year.

Here's the current spinning project. 8 ounces of handdyed merino I got as souvenir yarn from Yarnivore in San Antonio. It was dyed by a local (New Braunfels) artist, Alisha Goes Around.

Me. I had just finished riding and messing with the horses, so am kinda rough looking, but here I am. I kinda like this pic. That's the barn in the background.

I'm going to cast on for a few other projects, probably tomorrow. I need to start thinking about Christmas knitting and I want a few things for myself. I'm definitely casting on for a pair of socks for me, a pair of boot socks for Charlie, and probably Charlie's scarf/hat set he wanted. And maybe one or two small gift projects. The next post will have updates on what I decided on and my Christmas knitting list.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I Heart Zombies

Isn't this the cutest pillow? Charlie loves zombies. I mean, he really loves them. His favorite movies are Zombieland and the Resident Evil series. He plays Left 4 Dead (1 and 2). He wears a belt with zombies on them. I bought him some toy zombie pets that he proudly displays in the barracks. He's crazy about them. So, when I found this chart, I knew I had to make something with it for my boy.

I crocheted it rather than knitted so that it would be a quicker project. I started this the day before I left to visit him in San Antonio (where I'm at right now) and wanted it finished same-day. I used Araucania Ranco (the gray), my handspun wool blend (the orange), and Creatively Dyed Calypso (the pink). I handsewed black fabric to the back and stuffed it with alpaca locks. Charlie loved it! He's already requested a scarf with the same thing on it.

I'm having a good time visiting in Texas, but the fun has to end and I'm going home tonight. I probably won't be back for a while, so the next time I see Charlie will likely be in about 7 weeks, when he gets leave. He should spend a week or so with me then; I can't wait.

I need to go through WIPs and see what all I have. I knew I shouldn't've started so many projects before leaving for training... I'm going to frog most of them, I think, and start on other things. I know I'm going to keep and finish the Endpaper Mitts, but that's probably the only thing that's not getting frogged. I'm thinking I'll start on some mittens, a cardi for me, Charlie's scarf, and a sweater for Gideon (my warm-weather doggy who's going to hate me when we move to Michigan!).

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Pictures

Charlie was so sweet and got me these flowers while I was in Texas visiting him this weekend. They got all wilty from the crazy heat there (I had to spend a lot of time in the car), so I'm hanging them up to dry.

This is hilarious. There's a wax museum in San Antonio and this is a part of the Alamo exhibit. This guy is either happy to see everyone or has suffered a spinal injury. (Ok, it's really his leg, but seriously? I did get a pic of me peeking under the blanket to check him out, but it's on my brother's camera. Too funny)

This is Colt, my new kitten. Isn't he precious? This pic was taken on Wednesday... since then, he's grown SO MUCH! He's gained a good bit of weight and just looks bigger. He's a ferocious little kitty, but does has a sweet side if he likes you.

This is the cat mat I made for Bams, Charlie's cat. It's on loan to Colt for now. Bams and Thumper (Charlie's rabbit) will be coming to Georgia to live with me until Charlie graduates (their current living arrangement isn't working out, so down to the South they come). Then they will have to share.

Here's my souvenir yarn from Texas. The sock yarn is Holiday Yarns in Copper Pennies and the fiber is merino dyed by a local artist from New Braunfels, Texas (right outside San Antonio).


Charlie at Dick's Last Resort, a cool restaurant on Riverwalk... "Service with Sarcasm." Basically, the servers are assholes, but goodnatured ones. They make you wear funny hats with funny sayings on them.

Charlie and me. This was actually a bad day... Notice, I'm in uniform and he isn't. My entire bay got put on lockdown for the night because one gal decided to start a liquor cabinet in one of the empty lockers... and got caught... by the Battalion commander... (I snuck out long enough to say hi to the boy and get a few pics)

This is Hawkins, one of my good buddies from AIT. We were at Camp Bullis (2 weeks in the field) and were on convoy.

Here's one of our international soldier medics, MSG Brunno from Italy, working on tourniquets. Those things REALLY hurt when applied correctly. We were all moaning and screaming like we were real casualties they hurt so bad!

Charlie and me at Camp Bullis, after a long day of training.

Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm an official soldier and 68W Combat Medic!

I thought that it'd be the happiest day ever to be graduated and going home. Wrong! I was actually really sad... I think I've become institutionalized, lol. Home wasn't quite what I remembered it being... it's boring. I guess 7 months of intense training and activity will do that to you, make regular life seem kind of mundane.

Remember my buddy Knoll from the last post? He and I really hit it off and have been together since. He (aka, Charlie) is a really great guy and I think this is going to be a really good and lasting thing. He has a follow-up school so is staying in Texas for another year. It sucks, but we're making it work. I've already come back to visit him once and he has 10 days of leave in 8 weeks where he's going to come to Georgia to visit me. If all goes well in the next year, I'll be moving myself to his home in Michigan. I know, how lame to find love in training, right? But these things aren't planned and are just very happy accidents.

I've been knitting some. I finished a cat rug that looks like a mouse for Charlie's cat, Bams. Oh, speakng of cats, I did get a new addition to the pet family... a sweet male kitten I named Colt. Pics of everything to come soon. I'm posting this with my Nintendo dsi, so can't really post pics efficiently.

I got some souvenir fiber from Texas... Holiday Yarns fingering weight in a gorgeous Copper Pennies colorway and 8 ounces of merino roving dyed by a local fiber artist. I also picked up a pattern for a hoodie raglan. Gotta get prepped for those Michigan winters.

I just reapplied for my MGT job at Walgreens. It killed me to do it, but a girl needs money. I plan on working there for as long as I have to... which hopefully won't be long since I'm also looking into a job at the sheriff's department and also with the fire department and private ambulance companies. I'm nationally registered with my EMT-B, so am qualified to work on an ambulance.