Sunday, August 29, 2010

Christmas Knitting

Here's the list...

* Moma - Potpourri Socks in Three Irish Girl's Adorn Sock, Titania colorway

* Daddy - Cigar gloves (he's an avid shooter) in I'm not sure yet, probably some handspun Romney

* Charlie - I Heart Zombies scarf, a hat, Cigar (he's also a big gun person). Will have to dig through the stash for the scarf and hat, but Cigar will be in Araucania Nature Wool, olive drab color

* Arthur - unsure

* Michelle - unsure

* Gideon - Hooded Sweater in random workhorse wools I have, a crocheted blanket in some fingering weight yarn

* Colt - a few knitted cat toys in random scraps

* Bams - (this is Charlie's cat that will be living with me soon) a few knitted cat toys in random scraps, maybe a kitty sweater in something nice, like Malabrigo

* Thumpy - (this is Charlie's rabbit that will be living with me soon) a rabbit sweater in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK, camo colorway

Now, let's see how much of this I actually get done. The project I'm least motivated about is actually Charlie's scarf. The colorwork is going to be a bit of a pain and I have to plan out how I'm going to be doing it.

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