Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm an official soldier and 68W Combat Medic!

I thought that it'd be the happiest day ever to be graduated and going home. Wrong! I was actually really sad... I think I've become institutionalized, lol. Home wasn't quite what I remembered it being... it's boring. I guess 7 months of intense training and activity will do that to you, make regular life seem kind of mundane.

Remember my buddy Knoll from the last post? He and I really hit it off and have been together since. He (aka, Charlie) is a really great guy and I think this is going to be a really good and lasting thing. He has a follow-up school so is staying in Texas for another year. It sucks, but we're making it work. I've already come back to visit him once and he has 10 days of leave in 8 weeks where he's going to come to Georgia to visit me. If all goes well in the next year, I'll be moving myself to his home in Michigan. I know, how lame to find love in training, right? But these things aren't planned and are just very happy accidents.

I've been knitting some. I finished a cat rug that looks like a mouse for Charlie's cat, Bams. Oh, speakng of cats, I did get a new addition to the pet family... a sweet male kitten I named Colt. Pics of everything to come soon. I'm posting this with my Nintendo dsi, so can't really post pics efficiently.

I got some souvenir fiber from Texas... Holiday Yarns fingering weight in a gorgeous Copper Pennies colorway and 8 ounces of merino roving dyed by a local fiber artist. I also picked up a pattern for a hoodie raglan. Gotta get prepped for those Michigan winters.

I just reapplied for my MGT job at Walgreens. It killed me to do it, but a girl needs money. I plan on working there for as long as I have to... which hopefully won't be long since I'm also looking into a job at the sheriff's department and also with the fire department and private ambulance companies. I'm nationally registered with my EMT-B, so am qualified to work on an ambulance.

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lunaticraft said...

CONGRATS!!! =D On graduating, and on the new relationship! Can't wait to see what you've been up to, and good luck with the job search! Here's hoping the sheriff's department, fire department, or ambulance companies work out!