Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Pictures

Charlie was so sweet and got me these flowers while I was in Texas visiting him this weekend. They got all wilty from the crazy heat there (I had to spend a lot of time in the car), so I'm hanging them up to dry.

This is hilarious. There's a wax museum in San Antonio and this is a part of the Alamo exhibit. This guy is either happy to see everyone or has suffered a spinal injury. (Ok, it's really his leg, but seriously? I did get a pic of me peeking under the blanket to check him out, but it's on my brother's camera. Too funny)

This is Colt, my new kitten. Isn't he precious? This pic was taken on Wednesday... since then, he's grown SO MUCH! He's gained a good bit of weight and just looks bigger. He's a ferocious little kitty, but does has a sweet side if he likes you.

This is the cat mat I made for Bams, Charlie's cat. It's on loan to Colt for now. Bams and Thumper (Charlie's rabbit) will be coming to Georgia to live with me until Charlie graduates (their current living arrangement isn't working out, so down to the South they come). Then they will have to share.

Here's my souvenir yarn from Texas. The sock yarn is Holiday Yarns in Copper Pennies and the fiber is merino dyed by a local artist from New Braunfels, Texas (right outside San Antonio).

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lunaticraft said...

The roses are beautiful, and it looks like you had a ton of fun! Colt is absolutely darling!

Also, from your last post, "Service with Sarcasm?" LOVE IT. Good natured assholes as servers? Sounds like my kind of place! =D