Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Charlie at Dick's Last Resort, a cool restaurant on Riverwalk... "Service with Sarcasm." Basically, the servers are assholes, but goodnatured ones. They make you wear funny hats with funny sayings on them.

Charlie and me. This was actually a bad day... Notice, I'm in uniform and he isn't. My entire bay got put on lockdown for the night because one gal decided to start a liquor cabinet in one of the empty lockers... and got caught... by the Battalion commander... (I snuck out long enough to say hi to the boy and get a few pics)

This is Hawkins, one of my good buddies from AIT. We were at Camp Bullis (2 weeks in the field) and were on convoy.

Here's one of our international soldier medics, MSG Brunno from Italy, working on tourniquets. Those things REALLY hurt when applied correctly. We were all moaning and screaming like we were real casualties they hurt so bad!

Charlie and me at Camp Bullis, after a long day of training.

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