Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some Knitting and Other Things

The drive home from San Antonio took forever. Nearly 24 hours! I had to stop so many times to nap it was ridiculous, but we (Gideon went with me) made it.

I'm kinda sad because this is the first weekend in 3 months that I haven't spent with Charlie. Pathetic, right? haha. We have a date planned for tonight on the online game we play together, Fallen Earth. So, it might be lame, but it's something fun we can do together even though we're states apart.

I finally have a job! Or, 2 jobs! The vet I used to work for has part-time work for me, which I'm really thankful for. I start Monday and am getting around 25 hours/week. Better than nothing and I'll be glad to be back at the clinic. Now, Walgreens has called me back. The place that wouldn't even look at me, return my calls, or take my requests for the proper paperwork seriously. They have my job back for me (it only took me harassing them and threatening to get a lawyer). I'm going to start there in about 2 weeks, after I can tell the vet about it. I'd MUCH rather be at the clinic, but I really need full-time right now and Walgreens also pays 7.00 more per hour. I hate doing it, but I must.

Did I tell you that I'm moving into my own place? Yep, I finally got the boot from my parents. I wanted to move anyway, being 23 and all I feel it's time. I have until 19 October to be out... I'm shooting for 01 October if I can get up enough money by then.

I went through some of my stash (there are things I'd forgotten all about!) and pulled out inspiration yarn. Inspiration to quit browsing Ravelry and actually make something! I picked back up on the Endpaper Mitts I started before I left... one is finished and this is the progress on the other. I'm about to start increasing for the thumb. It's a quick and fun knit.

Here's what I cast on for today... the Basic Chic Hoodie in Miss Bab's Yowza- Whatta Yarn! I got from Stitches South (or was it SAFF? I can't remember). Doesn't look like much yet, but I'm hoping that this will be a well-fitting sweater I can use this winter and once I'm in Michigan next year.

Here's the current spinning project. 8 ounces of handdyed merino I got as souvenir yarn from Yarnivore in San Antonio. It was dyed by a local (New Braunfels) artist, Alisha Goes Around.

Me. I had just finished riding and messing with the horses, so am kinda rough looking, but here I am. I kinda like this pic. That's the barn in the background.

I'm going to cast on for a few other projects, probably tomorrow. I need to start thinking about Christmas knitting and I want a few things for myself. I'm definitely casting on for a pair of socks for me, a pair of boot socks for Charlie, and probably Charlie's scarf/hat set he wanted. And maybe one or two small gift projects. The next post will have updates on what I decided on and my Christmas knitting list.

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Anita O said...

Ahh so glad to have you back! I have a pair of endpaper mitts in the queue and the yarn picked out....too much stuff on the needles right now.
Glad to see you still knitting and growing up LOL. Getting your first place will be a big liberating step! Way to go!!!