Saturday, September 25, 2010

Officially Moved In

Yay!!! I got the power and water turned on and almost everything moved into my new house. Just need to get my bed, dresser, and a few boxes moved over. I have everything else situated and in its spot. Today is my official move-in date, but I won't be sleeping there until Sunday night due to working the overnight shift tonight and tomorrow night. I plan on getting my bed moved tomorrow and maybe my dresser too if I an find someone to help me load and unload. My gun safe will have to wait til Charlie comes to visit... It weighs A LOT and we'll definitely need his help with it. I'll also move my animals over tomorrow, maybe. It might be better to wait til Sunday when i'll be off and able to watch them as they adjust.

I promise I'll have pics in the next post. Just need to get on a computer.

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