Sunday, September 5, 2010


No pics this time, but there will definitely be pictures in the next post.

I've been busy on my Basic Chic Hoodie and am about to put the sleeves on holders. I really like how it's coming out and the yarn is gorgeous. The second Endpaper Mitt is almost finished... just gotta put the thumb stitches on scrap yarn, which has stopped me for now. So easy, but I'm too lazy to actually do it, ya know? Tomorrow I will have that done and the mitt will (hopefully) get finished by the end of the weekend.

I'm almost finished spinning the merino I got in San Antonio. It's becoming a somewhat rustic 3-ply (Navajo-plied to maintain color integrity) and will be used to make simple mittens. I knew from the minute I bought the roving that it was destined to be mittens and I want a simple pattern (just stockinette!) to show off the yarn. It's a bulky 3-ply for strength and warmth. I can't wait to get these OTN... it's going to be a very fun and fast project. These babies will be for me to use this winter and once in Michigan. If I have enough leftover, I'll make a matching simple ribbed beanie.

I have a modified and final Christmas list! Knitting and purchased gifts. I feel very accomplished just by having the final list finished. It's a little ambitious, but I'm sure I can do it. Once I move, I'm not going anywhere or doing anything in an attempt to save money. I'm only purchasing what's necessary... that means NO fiber purchases until I use up most of what I got, which should take some time. I do need to get a few DPNs in sizes that have gotten lost, but that will be the only yarny buy for a long while. Plenty of time between now and Christmas to knit what I need to knit. Here's the complete list (IF ANYONE ON THIS LIST HAPPENS TO BE READING, PLEASE STOP STOP STOP NOW!):

Charlie: I Heart Zombies scarf (undecided on yarn)
A Hat Fit For A Boyfriend (Araucania Nature Wool, olive green)
Cigar gloves (Araucania Nature Wool, olive green)
Playstation 3 (yep, I'm doing it)

Moma: Pleats Purse (Cascade 220, a pretty pinkish colorway)
A giftcard to Sally's Beauty Supply (she's in beauty school right now)

Daddy: Cigar gloves (will have to dig through the worsted stash to pick yarn)
Barnes & Noble giftcard

Arthur: A Hat Fit For A Boyfriend (probably some of my handspun)
A PS3 giftcard

Michelle: Star Crossed Slouchy Beret (something nice from the worsted stash, possibly handspun)
iTunes giftcard

Gideon: A DROPS Design dog sweater (some bulky yarn I have, not sure what)
To Humiliate The Dog (probably handspun Romney x)

Johnny Cash: Quack - Knitted Duck Toy (wool scraps)
A big garter stitch mat to lay on (worsted wool scraps)

Bams & Colt: Feline Dim Sum
Door Hanger Bouncy Cat Toy
Muffin's Cat Tunnel

Thumpy: Candy Corn Pet Sweater (Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK, camo colorway)

Me (if I have enough time): Handspun Cushions (handspun, of course!)
PS3 (if I have the money)

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