Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What I've Been Up To

First, some pictures from around the house! Please excuse some of the mess... I'm still getting stuff put up and away!

I love the doorway from the living room to the "hallway" into the two bedrooms. That's a built-in shelf thing that I'm using to keep my books (most of them, anyway). That green table is an antique sewing machine (it folds out) that I picked up at a flea market several years ago. I painted it that sage green and it's gotten scratched up some since, but I like the imperfections and am keeping it that way. I have pictures, a crystal vase a dear friend gave me and Charlie (with the dried flowers Charlie gave me in it!), and a chicken piggy bank I made in 6th grade art class.

My very messy bedroom. That's my nice queen-size bed, but I don't have a matress yet, so I'm sleeping on a single matress (courtesy of the US Army) inside the frame for now. Hopefully I can pick up a cheap matress soon. I love my little house and living on my own. It's fun and rewarding, even though the money is going quickly (moving is expensive!). Now, for some knitting...

Here's the pre-felted version of the pillow I made for Michelle for Christmas. My first time doing intarsia and, though a little annoying and not preferred to Fair Isle, it wasn't that bad.
A project I started yesterday and finished tonight. It took me 4 movies to make this. I used a checkerboard lace pattern and KP Palette (Spearmint colorway) to make a curtain for this window above the kitchen sink:

It needed something and I think my little curtain will be perfect once it's all blocked and everything. There are some mistakes, but it'll do. I'm going to make a matching curtain for the slit window on the front door.

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