Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Around The House

It's been pretty lonely around here since Charlie left. I thought I got lonely before... having someone aruond to talk to that can actually talk back was a treat and now it seems that much lonelier here. But, it's not my babies' faults they can't speak to me... they do try, just doesn't work that well.

Gideon, my little worrier, loves his bed and the cotton rug I wove for him. He snuggles it all the time.
Colt loves his toys and hasn't learned to put them back in the toy box when he's finished. I swear, I'm always picking up after that little guy (and, he is very little! He's a runt. I didn't realize just how tiny my little man was until Bambi came... she's twice his size and she's an average-sized kitty).

Bams loves her kitty post and her rat rug. If she were a human, she'd be a sniper for a living. Always perched up somewhere, watching everyone else. She was a little upset at me in this pic for waking her up. A beautiful girl needs her beauty rest!

I decided to pick back up on the Hemlock Ring Blanket in Jade Sapphire 100% Cashmere. I've really got a lot done on it in just the one day I've worked on it. It's going to be my go-to project when I'm at home. I started on it with the intention that it would be a very special blanket for when I move in with Charlie next year. Now I'm wondering if I should make it a wedding gift for Charlie's sister who's getting married in August. We'll see. I'll probably end up keeping it and making another gift for the wedding (which reminds me that I need to make something for Arthur (my brother) and his fiance for their wedding next year! Yep, he finally proposed!).

I made these in three days. They are boot socks for Charlie in Knit Picks Stroll Sport, Sarge colorway. I improvised the design. I really hope they fit and he loves them.

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