Thursday, October 7, 2010

Charlie's Scarf & Christmas

I decided to start on Charlie's I Heart Zombies scarf yesterday. I went through the fingering weight stash to see what I had enough of... the main body is in KP Palette (Spearmint) and the rest will be in Creatively Dyed Calypso (King), KP Palette (some red colorway), and my handspun wool blend (Arrakis). I'm going to line the back to hide all the intarsia ends and to make it soft and cozy against my boy's neck.

I also went shopping for Charlie on etsy yesterday night (photos were taken from etsy and are the property of the respective shops they came from)...

Two shirts from Zed's Zombie Ranch. I think Charlie will love them, especially the top one.

This is a tag for Bams, Charlie's kitty that's coming to live with me in 2 weeks. The back has her name, both our phone numbers, and 'Reward.' This came from Pet Tags Direct.

This is the cutest little card I'm going to give him with his undead gifts. The artist's 4-year old son drew the zombie... adorable! This came from Non Compos Cards.

Here's a very cute bottle opener keychain from Ctrl Alt Deviant's Cache. I love this.
I also ordered him a book from Barnes & Noble, Zombie Haiku: Good Poetry for Your... Brains, by Ryan Mecum. A cute little book I think Charlie will find amusing.

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