Saturday, October 9, 2010

Knit Knit Knit

I am getting over a little stomach virus and took a sick day, then had two normal off days after that, so plenty of time to get plenty of knitting done. I did venture out to go grocery shopping once and then took the dogs out on an ice cream date yesterday night. Anyway, here's some progress:

My Basic Chic Hoodie is almost finished! This looks like it's going to fit perfectly, making it my first real sweater success (I tend to make them too large, but this time I kept trying it on to be sure it'll fit). I love how it's turning out. I finished the bottom ribbing, got the pockets done, and have one sleeve finished. I'm well on my way with the second sleeve. After that, just the hood and button band! I picked out buttons today... the orangish ones are for the actual closing of the sweater and the turquoise ones are for the pockets. These are made from recycled wood (Jo-Ann's has buttons bogo right now, so check it out if you need any!). My goals is to have this finished before the weekend, when CHARLIE GETS HERE!!!! He's flying in on Saturday. Unfortunately, I have drill this weekend, so my brother is picking him up from the airport and taking him to my house, where he and Bams will wait until Sunday when I get back (luckily, we should be home by noon, so not too much time wasted).

Here's what I have done so far on Charlie's scarf... I thought about alternating to two biohazard symbols all along the scarf until I got to the point to do the "I Heart Zombies," but am now going to just leave it at that and just do plain stockinette in the Spearmint Palette until the other end's chart. Just too fiddley to do the intarsia the whole way.

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