Saturday, November 13, 2010


I'm officially finished with Christmas shopping and crafting, with the exception of Charlie's scarf (which will be finished soon enough). I chose to make a few gifts, but mostly shopped from I'm a huge etsy supporter and try to go there first for everything. Here's what everyone is getting...

* Arthur - a 5x7 print of Ash from Evil Dead (his favorite movie and Bruce Campbell is his favorite actor), a metal drinking bottle with a Yorkie on it (his breed of choice), and a small geolog notebook (he's a geocacher).

* Michelle - a pocket mirror featuring birds (a favorite theme), a web belt with a bird buckle, and a small journal screen printed with a bird and books (she's also an avid reader)

* Moma - a pair of handknit socks (requested by her) and a skein of Knit Picks Stroll Tonals in her favorite color (a limey green)

* Daddy - the woodburned placque shown in the previous post and a German Shepard bookmark (Kaiser the GSD is his service dog and goes everywhere with him)

* Charlie - a Stevens 308 with scope hunting rifle, the zombie scarf, a load of zombie stuff from a few posts ago, a shot glass etched with The Umbrella Corp. symbol (Resident Evil is his favorite movie), Umbrella Corp. stickers, and a metal Zombie Crossing sign. The scarf, shot glass, and stickers are for him to open on Christmas; the rest he's either received or already knows about (he does know he's getting a scarf, but doesn't know what it looks like).

Well, I guess I do have to get a few gifties for the critters, but they are easy to shop for. Gideon is getting a new bed and the cats are getting a piece of Kitty City (Charlie and I are trying to get them a nice set-up).

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