Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Little Update

I came down with a nasty cold as soon as Charlie left and am just now back to feeling normal. Of course, I had to work my regular shifts at Walgreens since I can't bear to use sick days (there's always that disappointment from the manager when you call in sick and I just can't deal with it). Anyway, I did find comfort in knitting when I wasn't at work. And knit I did...

Charlie's I Heart Zombies Scarf is growing... fingering weight yarn and stockinette stitch for miles. Boring! But, it is good for sitting in front of the laptop (my dvd player for now since I don't have a tv).

The Hemlock Ring Blanket is almost finished! Just a repeat or two then the bind off. This has been a love project all the way through.

(Obligatory pet picture!)
Charlie got his package today and sent me the sweetest text... a picture of him wearing the boot socks I made for him! They fit just fine. He's such a sweetheart... that boy went to all his friends' rooms in the barracks and showed off his socks, saying, "My girlfriend made these for me! Can you believe she actually made them?" He said tomorrow he's going to wear them in his boots and tell everyone that he's wearing sock his girlfriend made for him. I love Charlie.

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