Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Progress & A List

I'm actually making pretty good progress on my Abalone!

I already have about 10 inches done in only 2 days of knitting (and I worked both days). I may actually finish this one by Saturday night!

I'm through the first repeat on the socks. So pretty and the cable pattern is actually pretty fun once you get into it.
I have joined several Ravelry groups that are all about stashbusting and knitting a lot in 2011. I got to thinking about my knitting goals and plans. I'm making up a list of projects that I want to finish next year. That will come to the blog later, maybe for my New Year's post.
Here are 2 of my babies doing what they do best...
For Gideon, that would be sleeping. I bought him a nice real Army bed (which you can see the corner of on the left), but he still prefers that old tattered ACU print comforter, which he dragged off the couch and into his bed.

For Colt, what he does best is terrorize me and all things that even remotely resemble yarn! He's been cuddling in my lap for an hour, but then turns ferocious when I bring the camera out (that's the camera wrist strap thing he's eating).

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