Monday, January 24, 2011


I made 2 kitty ass mats for the cat crates with Lionbrand Homespun (Tudor colorway). Quick little crochet project and the cats like them. Colt looks so spooked because Bambi was on top of the crate swatting at him. I'm taking the little furry family with me to Texas for Charlie's birthday and 15 hours (one way!) is a long time to sit in a hard plastic crate, so these mats should be appreciated.

I just whipped up this ugly mitt. I play the online game, Fallen Earth, a lot. Sometimes for 6 hours straight. That puts a lot of strain on my left hand (the hand the controls character movement)... laptops are hard! So, I made this puffy mitt to cushion the place where wrist meets hand. It works.

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