Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just An Update

This is one of my Christmas gifts from Charlie. A hippo Chia Pet! I just started him up, so hopefully I'll have some green things growing soon. I love hippos and was telling coworkers I wanted a Chia pet just before Christmas. He must have read my mind.

He also got me Left 4 Dead 2 for pc and I LOVE IT. I played it for the first time yesterday night and I'm hooked. Only thing is, my graphics card isn't good enough or something and I can't see the special infected, so I get hurt and die a lot right now. Hopefully we can find a remedy for that soon so I can really get into playing. My final gift has yet to be received... my love got me a nice locket necklace (LOVE LOVE LOVE), but it never shipped and he never got it. Good news, though, is he called them up and they overnighted it to his dad's house in Michigan for no charge. So, I'll be getting it when I go visit Charlie in February. I can't wait to get it; that's such a special gift to me.

Progress on the YOSS plain vanillas. They look big... I cast on 60 sts, but maybe that's too many for a stockinette sock. We'll see. If they are slouchy, they'll just be pretty around the house comfy socks. Much loved either way.

Charlie's birthday socks are coming along nicely. Working on the leg. I'll probably go a good 5 inches in pattern, then a 2 inch or so ribbed cuff. Or, I may tire of it before then. We'll see.

This is a super silly super cute Valentine's Day gift for Charlie. It's a lovebug! That's what I call him, so I had to buy this little guy when I saw it. It has a zipper to put goodies inside and his little lovebug legs hold stuff. I printed a picture of us for him to hold. Kinda silly for a 22yo male in the Army, but he's such my lovebug and I don't care :-)
His birthday is the 17th and I'll be in Texas for a visit from the 17th to the 21st, so it'll be a birthday/Valentine's Day/Bambi's birthday celebration (Gideon, Colt, and Bambi will be coming along and Bambi's birthday is the 14th). I wasn't going to get Charlie any pressies since I went all out for Christmas, but who am I kidding? I really want to get him a new .22 rifle (the Ruger 10/22), but we'll see if it's in the budget. It'll cost enough just getting out to Texas and a hotel for so many days. I did order him a little something from etsy, a really cool hard wallet/cigarette case (with a built-in lighter!) that has the Resident Evil Umbrella Corp logo on it. He doesn't smoke, but it was just too cool to pass up and he can use it as a wallet instead. And, we're soldiers, so the lighter can be handy for those tough survival situations, right? lol

Colt investigating the camera. I love kitty noses.

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