Monday, January 31, 2011


I think naming something is something to be thougt about. I have never been one to just name something because I couldn't tink of something good (like an old friend I used to have.. She usually named male pets Moe just because she couldn't think of anything better). I also try not to name things based on trend (you'll never see a Bella in this house) or anything too cutesy. I have Gideon, Colt, Bambi (i didn't name her, she was named that by the adoption place & Charlie kept it), Chef (the fat black hamster that lives at my brother's), and the fish, Adam, Bingo, & Chomper. So, my new baby needed a good name. Nothing suited her, thoug. We wanted something along the lines of hunting since she's a Dachshund & will hopefully make a good squirrel dog. Adolfina? Cabela? Benelli? Luger? But last night I came up with her name & Charlie approves... Scout. Maybe not the most original since I've met a Scout or two at the vet clinic, but it's rare enoug & so fitting. She is named, so is really a part of the family now.

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lunaticraft said...

Hahaha whoops, asked too soon on the last post. Shows me for commenting before I'm fully caught up!

She even LOOKS like a Scout. =D