Thursday, February 24, 2011

Still Here

I'm here. I usually try posting more reguarly than this, but I've been busy.

I didn't finish the Chiton Pullover in time for my trip to Texas, but it's almost there.

I had a fantastic time with Charlie! His birthday was great and the whole trip was so good all the way around. My baby is now 22. Seems so young. I'm an oldy moldy and will be 24 in May.

For Valentine's Day, Charlie got me a new laptop! SOOOO NICE! It's perfect for gaming (better than his, lol). He also got me a gaming mouse. I can really tell the difference and am doing a lot better at Fallen Earth, the game we play together online. I also got the locket necklace he got me for Christmas. It only comes off my neck when I shower. I love it.

He liked all his gifts and was able to keep his .22 rifle at a friend's house (they weren't so keen on keeping an armory there, lol, so the 308 went home with me).

*sigh* I hate having to come home again, leaving my boy so far away. We did make the plans on moving, though, so I have an exact date! YAY! I'll be working my last day at my store 23 August (thank God, I hate that place) and using up my remaining vacation days then. Fly up to Michigan for Alicia and Ryan's wedding (Charlie's sis and future bil) on the 26th, then down to Texas for Charlie's graduation the 29th. Riding back to Georgia after that (will take a few days since he'll have his bike and 15 hours sucks in a car...) to load up my stuff. I think we'll be here a few days, then we'll make our way up to Michigan!!! That trip will definitely take a few days, maybe 3 or 4. Long ride and we'll have the critters. Dogs travel well, cats not so much. I'm soooo excited about my life up there and with him.

Ok, on a knitting note... not much has been done lately. I am knitting on my February plain vanilla socks here and there. Might not finish by the end of the month, but I'm not too worried over it. They'll be done soon enough. If I'd get off Fallen Earth some then I'd make some real knitting progress, but that game is consuming me for now. I really don't see how some people juggle a spouse, a job, social life, and several games at once. Well, unless they don't sleep and combine the spouse and social life with the games (I think I have more online friends than I do in real life friends and Charlie and I spend more time together online gaming than we do in person... sad, I know). Even when we were together in Texas, we were gaming together! Lol. Side by side, playing the same game together. But we love that time. Video game dates are really fun and something that we can share... something together without being all over eachother and stuff. They'll continue our whoel relationship. I'm never going to be that girl who gets mad at her man for playing video games all night... I'll be that girl who's up all night playing with him!

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lunaticraft said...

Games are SUCH a time suck! I got an xbox 360 for christmas, and NOTHING has gotten done since I started the RPGs on it. God help me if I ever actually start to get good at them.

Sounds like you guys have got some exciting months ahead of you! Best of luck with the traveling, and the moving and everything. That must be so exciting!