Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I'm moving to San Antonio!!!

Charlie and I talked about getting hitched "sometime in the next 2 years" (his words). He said he wants to marry me before he goes active so that I'll be able to go everywhere with him (and so I'll be his wife, lol). Yay, right? Well, I got all excited and asked if he'd like to earn BAH (the housing allowance and extra pay the Army gives us soldiers for being married) now. He will be on active duty orders until the end of August, so could be making about 1200.00 extra a month until then. See, I was so excited about getting married to my boy that I couldn't wait. I was pretty nervous about the whole deal and how he'd react (rejection is a killer), but he was ok with it. I was thinking that I'd stay here in Georgia and he'd stay there in Texas, but get married so he could make the money. Weeellllll.... his commander doesn't allow married soldiers to stay in the barracks, where he gets to live for free. He'd have to move out, kinda defeating the purpose of the BAH money. BUT, he said that I could go ahead and move to Texas with him! I kinda thought it might be a silly idea since we'd be moving to Michigan later in the year, but he said he was so bummed when I left him last time he wants me to come be with him now.

Sooooo..... yeah, I'm moving to Texas. I requested a transfer with my job at Walgreens. Nope. No open MGT positions. So I said that I'd be willing to take a paycut and step down from my management position so that I could move out there. Today, I get a phone call (on my lunch break of all times... see, it's meant to be) from the district office in San Antonio and there's an open MGT spot! It just opened up and it's all mine mine mine. Woohoo! Only thing is, my start date in my new store is MARCH 21. Wow. That's soon.

I talked to Charlie and he's started the search for apartments already. I'll be moving in about 2 weeks, which is pretty crazy! I'm excited and nervous and happy and all sorts of different things right now. I need to look into how much a U-Haul thing is, start packing, make arrangements for everything... a lot to do in so little time!

My brother has joined the Nat'l Guard and ships off to BCT on 19 April. I really want to go ahead and get married before then so that he can be there. We don't want a big deal wedding, just go get married somewhere, but I do want Arthur to be there. I told Charlie I wanted to get married before he left. He asked when. 19 April. "I'll see what I can do" was his response. Silly boy.

I haven't told my parents yet... I'm scared. I did mention that Charlie and I had talked about getting married eventually, but was pretty vague on when. They don't really know him and seem a little concerned about that, but they live in Colorado and won't really know anyone I meet. I guess I'll tell them that I'm moving to Texas so I can be with Charlie. I'm not sure what to do about the wedding part... I don't even know a date yet (that's Charlie's thing), but since we aren't really having a wedding and aren't making a huge deal of it, I don't really plan on them making it. They'll probably be a little upset that I'm doing this (ok, they WILL be upset I'm doing this) so probably wouldn't come anyway. Arthur thinks I should call them and tell them after the fact, but isn't that a little wrong? My aunt thinks I should tell them the date and that I'd love for them to be there, but understand if they can't make it. I'm undecided. Opinions? This whole deal of getting married and moving so suddenly might seem a little crazy, but it is what it is and I'm excited about it.

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