Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Around the Apartment

I had to start over on the aid bag. I tried a new design technique in hopes of making it perfect... um, yeah. That was definitely a case of shoulda stuck to what I know. Soooo.... here's attempt number 2, using Araucania Nature Wool (it's actually much more of a dark olive green than this flashy pic shows). Coming along much better.

This shows the true color of the green. Here's the medic arm band. My own improvised design, the center white stripe is knitted in, but the circle and cross are duplicate stitch. Please excuse the bare chest, lol.
These are the only surviving plants from the ones we tried growing. The others were doing so well, but the cats killed them. Kept knocking them off the windowsill til they died. Argh. But these zucchini plants are starting to flower! Yay! They look a little rough (they really should have MUCH larger pots, a bed really, but we're making do with the space and supplies we have).

Sleepy Gideon.

Bams on her 'balcony.' Charlie adjusted Kitty City so Bams has her own apartment with a balcony she can step off onto.

Colt's preferred napping spot on Kitty City.

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