Sunday, April 3, 2011


Charlie and I went to eat Mexican food for dinner yesterday and decided to head to Petsmart to check out the fish. He and I are both fish lovers... I used to keep a large koi pond and raised guppies, he bred guppies and bettas. We intended on getting a betta and even picked one out, but Charlie decided that if we were to get one, he wanted one from a breeder he knew online. So, goldfish (my favorite) it was. This little guy (the one in the front) is Sgt Finney. He's the smallest of the three and has black fins. We had a platoon sergeant in medic school named Sgt Finney. We call this little fishy Finney for short, reserving Sgt Finney for when he's in trouble, lol.
This is Elena, named after Elena Winters in the game we play online, Fallen Earth. Just a plain gold comet.

And this is Lt Dan. He has some black on his face, making him look like he's come back from war recently and has battle scars.

Yay for new fish! I LOVE little 13 cent comet feeder fish... they might be little now and not so interesting to look at compared to the larger more expensive "koi" and other specialty goldfish like fantails and such, but they will GROW GROW GROW if given a large enough space. We used to stock the koi pond with feeders and would have fish a foot long and gorgeous only a short time later. They are extremely hardy and easy keepers, very pretty, and so cheap.

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