Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Knit Knit Knit

I started Charlie's aid bag for his zombie LARP... this is the progress so far. I have to have it completed (felted and all) by Saturday. I think I can make it. I'm about finished with the part (the strap and bottom and sides of the bag). I'm using the Maple Bag (Knitty.com) as inspiration, but it's really an original pattern with how much I'm changing and improvising.

I whipped up this little sweater for Gideon on Sunday. The pattern is the Candy Corn Pet Sweater. Charlie is on a softball team with the San Antonio Sports and Social Club and their team color is orange. The name is Low Expectations. Gideon had to have a sweater to wear to all of daddy's games!

This is the Chiton Pullover I started waaayyy back in January. I had to stop it because that little rascal Scout (who is in Georgia with a new mommy... she couldn't come to Texas with me) ate the pattern. A nice Raveler sent me the part I needed to finish, so I'm doing a few rows here and there. I want to finish this soon so I can get some wear out of it before it gets too hot. I may be able to wear it more than I think... we'll see how hot it gets.

Charlie bought himself a few new paintball guns last week. Here he is testing one out... in the bathroom. No worries, he was shooting into a 5 gallon bucket of water, covered with a now-destroyed towel, so there wasn't paint all over the place!

OH, and I have some big news, but that'll wait til later... It's good, though!

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