Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pretty Proud of Myself

I made beef stew! Maybe not a huge triumph for most of you, but it's a big deal to me. I've never really been much of a cooker, though I always wanted to be. I kinda figured that one day, when I got married, I'd be a good wife and cook and clean and do all those good wifey things. Well the cleaning part is easy. I thought I'd struggle with the cooking part. Now that I'm the little miss, I've found that it's not as difficult as I thought it'd be! Good thing, too, since Charlie eats like a dinosaur, lol.

The stew came out delicious. I did forget the macaroni noodles, but it's yummy nonetheless. Perfect amount of spice and cooked though well... veggies are soft enough to be good, but not soggy.

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lunaticraft said...

It looks delicious! =D If it wasn't like 90 degrees here (wayyyy weirdly hot for Northeast PA, though probably nothing compared to what you deal with yearly as a southern native) I'd sooooo want some.