Monday, June 20, 2011

Flat Rate Box Swap Packages!

This is my swap box from knit-o-matic!

* handdyed yarn from Dawning Dreams - a great turquoise color, bulky. Think this will be a hat for my first Michigan winter!
* 1 ounce braid of bamboo fiber in the same color by the same dyer
* toys for the kitties and pup
* treats for everyone
* 2 bars of handmade soap (the dino duck is so cute!)
* handmade animal-themed stitch markers
* notecards with butterflies on them
* handmade project bag
* Bath & Bodyworks hand sanitizer

And for the second box...

This is my box from JohnnaMarie!

* sour candies for hubby
* treats for all the animals
* toys for the animals
* a yarn dying kit in a cute felted bag - she even sent a skein of yarn to dye!
* Berroco yarn in a great blue-green color
* a notions case with stitchmarkers
* an adorable little notebook
* a pet-themed bag

Here's the yarn I dyed using my yarn dying kit!

Left to Right: Plymouth Yarn Dye For Me Dancing Toes (Strawberry, Black Cherry, Pink Lemonade Kool Aid), ~170 yards Lamb's Pride Worsted (Lemon-Lime, Black Cherry), Knit Picks Bare (merino/silk) (Orange)

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