Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Counting Down...

The clock is ticking for several things...

1. My last day at Walgreens, EVER. Woohoo!!! I will work my last day as an assistant manager for Walgreens on 19 August. I'm beyond excited.

2. Alicia, my sister-in-law, & Ryan, my future bil, are getting married 26 August. I'm excited for the quick trip up to Michigan & to visit with Charlie's family again.

3. Charlie graduates from the Army M6 program (nursing) 29 August!

4. We are moving to Detroit around 03 September! It's going to be a looooonnngggg trip, but I'm looking forward to it. We're stopping by Georgia first to pick up the rest of my stuff. I can't wait to spend a day or two in Georgia... I miss where I grew up.

5. Christmas is getting closer & closer, which means it's about time t start thinking about gift knitting! I'm gonna have a tentative list posted sometime in the next week.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Circus, New Puppy, Knitting

The Ringling Brothers circus was in town last week and we went. It was great! My family would go every year when I was growing up. Charlie had never been to "the big circus" before. We had a great time. They put SEVEN motocyclists in the round cage!!!

We got a new dog (the last addition to the family for a long time, I promise). Daddy was a German Shepherd, momma was a Lab. She's such a sweet girl. We named her Barrett, after the maker of the 50 cal. When we move to Detroit (beginning of September!) we're getting a house with a yard. Gideon and Barrett both will be happy (as will Charlie and I).

A hat using Berroco Comfort Worsted. An airsoft buddy requested it.

Progress so far on the Roma Shawl. Looks like a big blob of nothing.

My handsome hubby. He had a Class B inspection today and I think he looks SOOOOO handsome in his dress uniforms! I look silly in them, but he looks so good.

Gideon woke up from a nap like this. He wants to be a turtle for Halloween.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

TTL Summer Shawl KAL - Roma Shawl

Progress so far. Slow going at first because I'm kniting with frog hair, but it's picking up now that I'm getting used to it. I have 2 pattern repeats so far and I'm definitely in love with the pattern and this gorgeous silk yarn!

Friday, July 1, 2011

FOs and Such

Made these for my mom at her request. Can never go wrong with Fetching... such a quick, simple, and cute pattern. I used leftovers from my cardi I made back in October.

I've been making airsoft/paintball kill rags for hubby and I to use, as well as to sell. They say different things like KILLED, DEAD, OUT, HIT, OWNED, NOOB, etc. That's my m4 airsoft gun in the pic.

I picked up a drop spindle the other day and am spinning on it some. Slow going compared to my wheel, but it's fun. This is 100% Australian wool.

I'm going to start the Roma Shawl using these yarns... Henceforth Beforehand (100% silk laceweight in natural) and Buffalo Gold Lux (45% bison down, 20% cashmee, 20% silk, 15% tencel) in a natural brown. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I'm entering the shawl in the Through The Loops shawl kal and contest.