Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Pet Parade (and a new sweater in progress)

I guess I'll get the sweater out of the way first. This is the Oatmeal Pullover (Rav link) I started on the 30th. I have always kinda steered clear of using bulky yarns for garments because, while not overweight, I'm not really a skinny mini and I think bulky yarns can sometimes make a person look, well, bulky. But, I really fell in love with this pattern and it is flattering on all body types from what I can tell by looking through Ravelry project pages. So, I'm trying it. If anything, it can be a wear-at-home sweater. I am moving to Michigan in a month, after all.

Anyway, details... Knit Picks Cadena in the Seraphim colorway I ordered specifically for this project (how about that! Actually using yarn purchased for the project it was intended for!). I wanted a light color and this dusty lavender was all they really had. I like it though and it's a very quick knit that's for sure. My guage is a little off on row but spot-on for stitch, so I'm going with it. Knitting the 36" size.

Ok, now for the pet parade part. Remember how I said that Barrett was the last pet in the Knoll household for a while? Well, that went to hell real quick, huh? A guy in Charlie's Army nursing class had 2 cats (note the use of the past tense 'had') and he chose us to be their new family. Of course, we agreed to it because we are complete suckers for anything living and furry. The guy and his wife just had their first baby and weren't devoting enough attention to their kitties, who were used to being the center of the family and spoiled rotten. These two came home with us yesterday. The blue guy above, who we named Rock Island ("Rocky"), is very skittish in his new home, but is slowly coming around. We did see them in their home environment and they are very friendly, but are a little freaked out by Colt and Bams (and Gideon and Barrett) right now.

This is Savage (we named them for gun companies, just like Colt and Barrett). He's a little more personable than Rocky, but is still very scaredy cat right now. They are slowly making their way out from under the bed to explore. Soon enough they'll be best friends with Colt and Bams (who, by the way, are so wanting to meet their new brothers, but are being very respectful and allowing them their time and space).

A new-ish pic of Barrett playing in the apartment. She's gotten even bigger since this pic! She's growing so much and is such a smarty. Her training is coming along so well... she's crate-trained, housebroke, and will sit, heel, stay, and speak (bark on command).

Our little Bamberdoodle. She is so silly and was "hiding" in the kitchen. She got herself into this bag thinking that we couldn't see her. Silly kitty! No worries, though, Charlie cut a breathing hole for her.

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