Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All Spun Up

I finally spun up this corriedale/angora blend... I'd been dreaming about it (literally!) and finally sat down and did it. I bought the tweedy yellow corriedale roving at either SAFF or Stitches South in 2009 from Miss Babs (also got a pinkish one that I spun up soon after purchasing... loved it as well) and I ran it through my drumcarder with angora I got off the rabbits I had then. It was in 9 small fluffy batts, begging to be spun. Of course, I let the fiber decide what it wanted to be and this wanted to be a soft worsted weight yarn. I love it! According to my method of figuring yardage (which, by the way, I believe is very flawed), it's only about 140 yards or so. I think it's more than that, honestly. I have a 5 ft niddy noddy, so I count how many times around the yarn goes. Multiply by 5, divide by 3. Should be the yardage, right? The math makes sense to me, but I really think I'm getting a lower number than I really have. I need to get another fishing line yardage thingy and use that. Or even a scale would probably be better. Either way, I loved spinning this and love the resulting yarn. It was also the first time Charlie has seen me spin, so it was neat having him watch a little and ask questions and stuff. Love that boy to pieces.

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